Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bed Rest

So its official...I am on bedrest.

This post is more for my pure entertainment and keep me occupied than for anything else so sorry if its long and boring.

I guess I have to start last Friday. I woke up friday morning and something just felt off. I didn't feel good. I felt nausous.(first time in 9 months!) I went on in to work where I continued to not feel good. Then the braxton hicks contractions started. I've been having them periodically since before Christmas, but they have never hurt before. Well on Friday, they started to hurt. I decided it would be best to just go home for the day. I wasn't quite sure what to think of the contractions so I called the Dr. He wanted me to come on it just to check. It was here that we discovered the high blood pressure. He was rather impressed with my swollen legs. Its not just my feet and ankles, but my shins, calves, and knees too. He even called in a nurse to see. There was no protein in my urine so this meant that it wasn't preeclampsia. He sent me home to rest for the weekend and wanted to see me back on Monday morning.

So I went home to rest and take a nap. When I woke up from my nap, I still felt really bad. I felt feverish. I took my temp and it was 99.8. I called the Dr back and he just told me that was actually normal. I took some tylenol and slept some more and felt lots better. The rest of the weekend, I felt perfectly fine. I felt sure that everything would be back to normal Monday morning.

On Monday morning, I went back into the Dr before I headed back to work. Sadly, my blood pressure was still borderline high (the bottom number was 90) and now there was "trace amounts" of protein in my urine. Still not enough to diagnose preeclampsia. He let me go back to work under the provision that the nurse at school take my blood pressure several times a day and that I take it as easy as possible at work. He told me he did not want the bottom number to get any higher than 90 as if it gets up to 110 they have to deliver.

I was determined to work as long as possible. So I left the Dr's office and headed back to work. Nurse Rachel was very concered as everytime she took my blood pressure it was high(140 100). I was still in denial that this could be happening. I went ahead and stayed all day.

When I got home, my mom called and said she was bringing over her blood pressure machine so that I could watch it at home and during the night. I sat down as soon as I got home and only got up to go to the bathroom. When she got there with blood pressure machine, my blood pressure was 150 over 107. I was still in denial. I made my parents take thier blood pressure just to make sure the machine was working right. I kept taking mine every few minutes and it was consistanly between 100-110.

After my parents left, I decided that I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't call Dr. Wyatt. I called him and he was very concerned. He wanted me to go to the hospital right away to be admitted for monitoring and to have blood work done to make sure my blood pressure wasn't effecting Bryce or any of my internal organs. I. freaked. out. Scott did too, even if he doesn't admit it. So much for having a hospital bag packed right?

Once I got to St. Vincent they took me to my room and hooked me right up a fetal monitoring thingy. I could hear Bryce's heart beat loud and clear. Everytime he rolled and kicked it would make this loud sound on the amplifier. Thankfully, Bryce was fine, handling it like a champ.They set the blood pressure machine up to take my blood pressure every 10 minutes so they could get an accurate idea of what was going on. The nurse, whose name was also Kathryn Marie, came in and took about 15 viles of blood. Now we just had to wait on the lab results to know if we could go home or if I would be spending the night at the hospital. 3.5 hours later, the nurse came in and said Dr. Wyatt said I could go home but I was on bedrest.

So the lights in my hospital room where really bright and I couldnt sleep. We couldn't find the light switch anywhere! So I put on my sunglasses and Scott put the breakfast menu on my head as a shade. I think I might have actually been asleep in this picture.
I go back for my 37 week appointment on Thursday. I have no idea what to expect. Dr. Wyatt alluded to possibly being induced depending on how things go. Its just all up in the air right now and we dont really know anything. All I know, is the carseat isn't being deliverd until Friday so I can't have a baby until then.

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