Sunday, July 7, 2013

A lazy girls guide to chalk boarding

So we've all seen the endless possibilities  of using a chalk board in our home on Pinterest. From  pregnancy trackers to quotes to weekly menus; they are insanely cute and versatile. Who wouldn't want one? 

Making the chalkboard was easy as pie. Bought a mirror at an antique store for $30. Of course it wasn't the color I wanted so I taped down a layer of newspaper over the glass and spray painted the frame red. Then I painted chalkboard paint over the glass. Easy. 

Next I bought a pack of chalk at target for quarters. Now all I had to do was write in some cutesy font. 

I watched several tutorials and read several blogs on how to do this. And my thoughts where "ain't NOBODY got time for that." Except maybe childless women who work part time. 

Most of these guides included using rulers and grids and making "guidelines" very lightly with the chalk so you would keep the text straight and even. Then afterwards you would go back and erase. One woman went as far as printing her text in the font she wanted off the computer on tracing paper. Wow. We average middle class working mothers who's husband is still in school and works nights and weekends most def don't have time for such foolishness. 

I decided I wanted mine to say "home sweet home". Pretty easy to just stack one word on top of the other. Now I just need to pick 3 fonts. I didn't have time that night to try to look up cute fonts online so I just went with the 3 fonts I already knew. 1) skinny all caps 2) modified cursive 3) block letters. 

I remember reading somewhere (Pinterest I'm sure) that picking alternating fonts makes it more visually appealing. For example a bold block font paired with a skinny handwriting. So I kinda kept that in mind when I was writing my text.

Since I picked an oval shaped mirror instead of square or rectangle I think it leaves room for error. It's not as noticeable if your text starts slanting or is off center. 

I decided to start with my middle, which was the word "sweet". I just put the S on the far left middle and went from there. I did the "home" on the bottom next. Last Idid  the "home" on top. As an afterthought I added the door and chimney. At most, it took me 15 mins.

No rulers. No grids. It's not perfect but I think that's what makes it yours. I'm excited to try some new fonts next time and we will see how it goes! 

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