Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving (Week 22 & 23)

I have really enjoyed being off work for 4 days! I have enjoyed the food even better! Thursday we spent most of the day with Scott's family and friends and ate a delicious Thanksgiving day meal. We then headed over to my Aunts house to visit for a bit and see my Grandparents. On Friday, we spent the day with my parents and brother and watched the Razorback game. The second half was heartbreaking to watch so Mom and I got busy in the kitchen. I made an apple pie from scratch. I don't brag about my cooking much but I have to admit, it was pretty amazing! We had another amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

Today we went fabric shopping with Sally to pic out fabrics for the crib bedding. Here is just a preview:

These 2 fabrics will make the bumper pads. We plan on making them reversible.

The checked green will make the crib skirt. We plan on adding a small strip of the other fabric along the bottom of the skirt to tie in the blue and orange.

And all these beautiful fabrics will be used to make the baby quilt. The ruffles and backing will be done in blue, so that will be the predominate color in the quilt.

New Pregnancy Symptoms:

Numbness in Hands: I have woken up almost every night this week with my hands numb. I read that this is normal and is basically pregnancy induced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. All that fluid from my feet gets redistributed through out my body while I'm laying down, even to my wrist and hands. This puts pressure on the nerves in my wrist, making them go numb. Should go away as soon as I deliver.

Snoring: According to Scott my snoring has now reached epic decibel level. I no longer snore like a "warthog", but now I snore like a "monster".

Heartburn: Thank goodness this one has gone from severe to just bad. My daytime heartburn is almost gone, but it still plagues me at night.

23 Weeks
Our son was just as disappointed in the game this week :(

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weeks 20 and 21

Our little boy loves to kick his momma! I feel him kick everyday now. His kicks are getting stronger and easier to feel. I still can only feel it when I'm laying down or sitting still. I had the special feeling of felling him turn sideways on Saturday morning. All these weeks, his kicks have been down really low. Then, my stomach got really hard and I got kinda worried as to what he was doing, then all of a sudden the kicks where up higher and on my right side. I guess he still has enough room to turn completely sideways. Oddly, he must of turned back head up when I was sleeping because his kicks are now back down real low again. Scott can now feel the kicks if he pushes on my belly a little.

No one told me that the sleepless nights of motherhood started months before the baby arrived! Between the non-stop heartburn, getting up to pee multiple times a night, being hot, and not be able to sleep on my belly have really taken a toll on my sleep. Scott says I've been "snoring like a warthog" for the past 2 weeks. According to What To Expect When You're Expecting, this is actually a side effect of pregnancy. Who knew?
20 Weeks

21 Weeks

This is the BEFORE picture of the nursery:
1. Clean out all the closets
2. Clean out the 2nd bedroom
3. Rearrange furniture
4. Assemble crib
5. Make curtains
I want this done by mid February. We have 3 months. (Man time is flying by!) 

This is the first purchase I have made for baby! I was inspired by the bright orange onsie that said "Daddy's #1 draft pic". I bought the 3 months size. I wonder how long he will be that tiny?

Yesterday we made a trip to Walmart to buy a crib. We actually went with another crib in mind but liked this one on display better! Its still in the box in our living room. It will be awhile before we get it put together for sure.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In case you didn't hear, ITS A BOY!

So yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound and got to see our little miracle, our son! I was complete nervous wreck all day. I just wanted to see our baby and know everything was ok. Gratefully, he was!

When the ultrasound tech put the wand on my belly and an image of a baby came up on the screen my heart fluttered! I knew I was pregnant, had heard the heart beat, and felt him move many many times, but it still shocked me to see what was really in there! A baby!

It is really amazing what you can actually see in an ultrasound. I think one of the coolest things was not only could we see his heart, and see it beating, we could see all 4 chambers and the valves opening and closing. When we looked at the baby's brain we could see the "fold" in the brain that runs right down the middle. She also did this colorful picture of the cord and could see where the cord entered the baby and split into 2 inside the baby (apparently that's what its supposed to do, who knew?). Some other body parts we got to see where the stomach, bladder, kidneys, spine, bones, ribs, fingers, and of course his sweet little face.

Throughout the whole ultrasound the tech was measuring the babies bones, head, and belly. Then the computer crunched all the numbers and told us that he weights about 13 oz. She then said "Unless something drastic happens, don't expect a 6lb baby" She then went on to tell us that most babies fall somewhere around the 50th percentile. Wanna know what percentile he was in? Brace yourself.... the 91st! Which means he's huge for his gestational age. I'm trying not to panic just yet, his growth could slow down and taper off and end up being 7-8 lbs range. I'm not going to bother buying any "newborn" sized clothing, since he probably wont fit in any. Maybe I should switch to skim milk????

When we left, I think I was still in a little denial that it was boy. I couldn't really see what the technician was pointing at in the appointment, but when I got home and popped in the CD there was no denying it was a little boy. :)

Everyone keeps asking me if Scott is overjoyed at the news that the baby is a boy. He was pretty quiet throughout the whole ultrasound, I think he was more in shock than I was. 

I could really go on and on...but I just indulge you in some pics