Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Eggs! More eggs!"

So this year we were so excited about Easter because it would be the first time to hide eggs for Bryce and for him to really understand the whole Easter basket thing. I stuffed his basket with stuff from the dollar section of target. I splurged and bought him an Easter sippy cup. I re-used a basket we had around the house and tied some tulle to it. I also made a basket for Scott! It was a complete surprise to him and he really loved it! I also just used a basket we already had and taped a bow to it. 

That morning Bryce woke up early and wanted to go into the living room to play. I told him to go out there. He came running back to our bed screaming "Eggs! Treats! Open treats Momma!" He spent a good 20 mins opening all his eggs in his basket. I put little packages of Sixlets in his eggs. The Sixlets were perfect for a 2 year old because they are small and easily chewable.

We got dressed for church and then headed outside so B could "hunt" eggs. He keep saying "Red egg!" and then running to the next egg and saying "A yellow egg! A green egg!"


Overall, we had a wonderful Easter. We had 2 delicious Easter Dinners with both sides of the family and we went to visit Grandma in the hospital. Bryce was just so excited over his Easter basket, he wouldn't let go of it. He STILL (2 weeks later) is carrying his plastic eggs around! I think Easter is slowly becoming one of my favorite holidays!

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