Friday, November 9, 2012

First taste of parenting!

So no one told me this day would come so soon! For the past 8 months life has been so perfect and serene! Now we are trying to teach Bryce what "No" means. I know right? He's still just a baby! Oh but does he have a lot if sense and he is already testing me and Scott out!

So Scott's laptop will not work unless it is plugged in. Up until now we just sat on the couch with cord draped all across the floor. Now that Bryce is crawling he is into everything. What is so appealing about a laptop cord I have no idea, but he makes a bee line past all his toys straight for the box on the cord every time.

The first couple if times he did this we simply moved him away from the cord but he crawled right back over to it. Then we would put up the laptop. Now when he starts crawling to it, I tell him"No". The first time I told him no he just looked at me then would take a small crawl towards the cord. I would tell him no again. After a couple minutes of this he would look at me and then back at the cord then back at me then back at the cord. Notice how Scott is absent from this story? Can you tell who the disciplinarian is gonna be? Anyways. He finally made it over to the cord and I took it away from him.

The next night I was typing away on the laptop and I suddenly noticed it was real quiet. I looked down on the floor and Bryce was peeking at me from behind the Ottoman with a real guilty look on his face. He was trying to sneak to the cord and he knew he had been caught! I wanted to see what he would do so I went back to typing and didn't say anything. As soon as he was sure I wasn't looking he went for the cord. This time when I said "No" he started crying! I knew it! He knew exactly what I meant! That little booger! Then he had the nerve to look at Scott all pitiful like. I made Scott tell him no too so Bryce understood we were in this together. Then what happened next really shocked me! He turned away from the box on the cord and went for the Velcro strap a little further up the cord! Like he was like "Ok, I can't chew on the box, maybe they'll let me chew on this price of Velcro" it was so funny, cute, and so smart of him I had a hard time telling him no!

I knew this day was coming, I just had no idea it was already upon us! Lord help me!

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