Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big Boy Room

So part of Bryce's Christmas gift was re-doing his nursery into a functional room he could actually spend time in and play in. Of course it was hard to not go to open up the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and not go insane with ideas because Pottery Barn isn't even near our budget. So we went to the Target clearance isle and raided grandma's storage shed instead.

The Before:

That's the dresser/changing table. See those pegs in the wall? They were hanging up embroidery hoops with fabric in them. I don't know why hanging them above the changing table was a good idea. Ill let you guess where they ended up.

When we moved back in the summer, I kinda just put up the crib and dumped everything else and never got around to making any order of it.
I made the ONE sign out of his baby pictures and used them as d├ęcor for his first birthday party. When we moved, I just hung them up. Might as well enjoy them instead of stuffing them in a closet. Complete waste of a wall.
Believe it or not, that book shelf is pretty organized compared to what it once was.
The After:

I found this pretty cool toddler bedding set at Target for $8. 8 freaking dollars. They practically were giving it away. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew it was destiny.  Yes, I am the kind of person who believes destiny exists for things such as bed sheets, especially while shopping at Target. It was destiny because Bryce's room already was decorated in those colors (blue, green, orange) and I had already planned on keeping the color scheme. AND I had bought some fabric in Branson that was these colors AND had letters on it! Freaky weird.

 I moved the crib to the long wall. I left it a crib because I didn't want him to be able to get up and wander around his room at night. When we start potty training, I plan on changing it over to a toddler bed.

I made these circles for a dear friend's baby shower. I loved them so much I took them home with me and said I'd use them in Bryce's room. 4 months later, I hung them up. They are just cardstock circles taped on thread and then taped to the wall. Im sure they will tear up as time go by, but that's ok. I FINALY hung up his measuring stick AND actually measured him on it! Re-styled the bookshelf to make more user friendly.

 This right here was what I was probably the most excited about. I searched high and low for "picture ledges". They come from IKEA. Of course I paid an arm and a leg to have them shipped here but I didn't care. Other companies don't make them in that length and in white. They are perfect for babies/toddlers to use as a bookshelf! Most toddlers lack the hand eye coordination to shove a book in a bookshelf without tearing up the book. I also love that you can SEE the book! Seriously, I might be in love with a bookshelf, I love it so much. IKEA definitely ranks on my top 5 fav places to shop! Also moved the embroidery hoops from the changing table to above the bookshelves, out of reach.

 Ta-da! I acquired this table from the storage unit. It was once Scott's. It's in great shape! I'm pretty convinced it came from IKEA too. I mean, it's so awesome, how could it not be from IKEA? I love that it is laminate and is scratch resistant and easy to clean. The seats are also vinyl, a MUST when you are dealing with small children.

 My dad made the coat hooks. I know right? Like used a saw and some glue and actually made them. I just think that is so cool. I wish I had tool skills. He made them for our laundry room when I was a kid. My parents weren't using it anymore so it got handed down. I painted it blue. I actually didn't want it to be that dark, but that's how it turned out. I bought the galvanized buckets at Hobby Lobby. I put crayons and play-doh in the buckets for quick access to art supplies.

 I feel like his room looks so big! and inviting!

 My dad made the deer antlers for Bryce for Christmas. He has been mesmerized by my dad's rack collection so he felt like every boy needs a rack hanging up in his room. I actually bought the clothes pins and rope at Kroger. I know- who knew? It was in the Kroger the size of Dallas on Hwy 10 so they carry lots of home goods. I've already hung up some of his art work from school.

Im such an awesome blogger, I don't know how to rotate pictures. Damn you Windows 8.

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  1. This looks amazing. What skill and dedication. Proud of you.