Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ladder Shelf

So I've been wanting a ladder for awhile now. The original idea was to hang it on the walk above our bed and put picture frames and such on it. The problem is I couldn't ever find a wooden ladder that was just a rail ladder and not A-framed. Well I did find a few at antique malls. I'm sorry, I'm not paying $80 for a half rotted ladder. So I bought 2 A-frame ladders from a little ole man in my parents neighborhood who was selling all his possessions before being shipped off to the nursing home. I paid $10 for the 2 of them. 

Then I decided I wanted to make a book shelf instead. Can you tell I like to change my mind? Our old apartment had these nice built-in bookshelves in the living room, but now I have no book shelf! And we have LOTS of books! So a book shelf it was. I decided on this style since it gave more shelf space.

Step 1 was painting the ladder. I went to Home Depo and picked out a color I liked and had a quart mixed up. I also bought 2 pre finished 4ft boards to make the shelves. 

Painting took awhile. There are a bazillion sides. But it only took 1 coat since it was a dark color. 

I brought it inside once it was dry and laid the boards across. The shelves were lopsided. This was due to the way the ladder is designed. So naturally, I found some cardboard and folded it up and stuck it under the board to level it up. I'm all about cheap and easy. I didn't want to nail down the boards because I'm sure we have several moves ahead of us before we get settled so I wanted to make the bookshelf very movable. 

And that's all there was too it! No nailing, sanding, installing, ect! Literally all I did want paint it and lay boards across it. 

Now I just need to put books on it!