Sunday, February 26, 2012

Before and After

Well Scott and I have been hard at work on our to -do list! After our baby showers, we have had alot of organizing to do! This is what the nursery looked like after we hauled in our loot!

 I've cleaned out the chair and most of the stuff is off the floor. This baby is already so spoiled and loved. Major shout out to all my friends and family who have made us feel so blessed! There is a pile of diapers and wipes in the corner that you can't see. When we get the dresser (hopefully next weekend) we can put the finishing touches on the nursery! Im getting so excited!

Well I have been in nesting mode BAD. I keep cataloging all these small projects around the house that just NEED to be done before the baby gets here, even though I know that it can wait. For example, here is my bare dinning room. I did have a large frame that said "family" with a collage of pictures around it hanging on the wall. Unfortunaty, in a crafting freenzie over Christmas Break, I knocked it clear off the wall and and it shattered into peices.

 So this was my solution. I've been buying/collecting interesting plates from Scott and mine's weekend trips to flee markets and antique malls. I plan on adding more plates as time goes by. Oh and the reason the table is pushed up against the wall is because we got a lovely note from the apartment complex that they will be tearing down our balcony and reconstructing it. So we had to clean out our storage closet on the balcony. I wasn't about to unload it back into the nursery, so we pilled it up in the corner in the dinning room.

On one of me and mom's excursions for a dresser, I found this lamp for 5 dollars. I just liked the shape of the base, not so much the color. I bought the plain white shade seprately at Target. I thought it would be the perfect size for the nursery. I plan to put it on top of the dresser with the changing pad and some other little decorations.

So I spray painted the base blue and hand painted the shade with the same orange paint I bought to make the "Bryce" name decoration hanging above the crib. I didn't use painters tape so its not perfect! Dont judege! I wanted to make a chevron pattern but after about 30 seconds of trying to draw/tape that off I gave up. Simple stripes would be easiest when working with a round slightly coned shaped surface. I dont think I've sold Scott on it yet. I think it will be the perfect pop of color to the room!

Scott has been a great husband this weekend doing all the things I have asked him. I think he even memorized my social security number too! Now he just needs to read his homework in What To Expect When You're Expecting. Hint Hint, I know you're reading this ;)

The only major thing I didn't get completed this weekend that I really wanted to check off my list was packing a hospital bag. I did however make a list of things to pack! I want to buy a new pair of sweat pants to wear home from the hospital. I can't decide on what to put Bryce in for his coming home outfit. I want it to be perfect!  I think I need to pack a newborn sized outfit and a 0-3 month sized outfit just incase we have a little linebacker on board (which is what it feels like at this point).

Can't believe my due date is just 25 days away!

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