Thursday, March 1, 2012

37 Weeks...and counting

Well, I've reached full term!

My face is huge

I went back to the Dr. this morning and found out that my blood pressure is still high with trace amounts of protein in my urine. It could turn into preeclampsia at any moment and I wouldn't even know it, so I have to go to the Dr. twice a week now to be monitored. One of my labs that they ran the other night at the hospital came back high but not enough to enduce me. So, I am still on bed rest. Dr. Wyatt wants Bryce to stay in there as long as its healthy to be in there, so no baby this week. He also said something about a fetal stress test next week, so many I should read up on that. One crazy thing...I've lost 2 lbs this week. How is that humanly possible? My mom thinks it is water weight since only my feet are swollen now instead of my whole leg. Shes probably right. 

This is Bryce's coming home outfit! Simple really. I thought those booties where the cutest thing I'd ever seen! Then I realized that I had a cap that matched it perfectly. Even more exciting was that I had a blanket that matched it perfectly too! I didn't have any clothes that matched it, so I just went with the simple white onsie and the grey sweat pants. I want him to be comfortable most importantly since newborns' skin is so soft and sensitive. Scott is out as I type buying some mitten cuffs to go with this outfit as well.

I've been thinking....maybe I should be sitting on some towels in case my water breaks...wouldn't want to ruin the couch!

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