Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And his name is.....

Well Scott and I have chosen a name for our baby boy.....

Bryce Roper Burrup to be exact.

We have had many long discussion about names, when to pick a name, and when to announce a name. Bryce was really the only name we could both agree on. It has meaning for Scott as it is his Grandfather's name. The name Roper was decided before we were ever married. Scott said the middle name had to be Roper (his mother's maiden name and also Scotts middle name) because there where no children to carry on the family name. I made the name to hang on the wall above the crib. The colors match the fabric we bought for the crib bedding. I can't wait to see the nursery to come together!

26 Weeks
Christmas came and went in a hurry! We spent Christmas Eve with Scotts parents and Christmas Day with my family. I feel so blessed to have the family just minutes away to spend the Holidays with.
Scott went to Dallas this week to spend time with his best friend Ben. I've been lonely without him, but thankful I can spend more time with my family. I've been sleeping at my parents because Im too scared to sleep in my apartment all by myself.

I went for my 28 week labs today. People have been telling me how aweful the glucose test is. Since I had this horrible tasting juice built up in my mind, it didn't really taste that bad when it finally came time to drink it. It tasted just like orange soda that had gone flat. The last couple of swigs were
difficult as it made my stomach feel weird. Bryce, who had been rather still all night/morning, started turning cartwheels as soon as I finished drinking the glucose drink. Liquid sugar straight in his bloodstream! I assume everything was ok. I guess I'll hear something if it wasn't. I only gained 3 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Im not sure how that is possible. Im pretty sure I would have gained 3 lbs even if I wasn't pregnant. My blood pressure was good and his heartbeat was strong!

you'd think i weighed 600 lbs from the look of my ankle
Dr Wyatt also looked at my ears. Theyve been clogged for ab 2 weeks now. His hypothesis is that Im just swollen all over, including my ear canal. So the fluid in my ear cant drain out. He said it is possible that I may just have to suffer a clogged ear until I deliver. He said to try the Sudafed again and see if that changed anything. But I can happily report my heartburn is pretty much non exsistant. (Whew! that only lasted 14 weeks).

As Im 2 days away from the 3rd trimester, I feel like my bump is isn't a bump anymore, its a hump. Im started to slow down a bit. Suddenly its kinda hard to get up outta chairs. Im pretty sure I look like 90 year old when I try to get out of the car. I dont think Ive started the pregant lady waddle yet.

27 Weeks (Christmas Day)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


So this week marked 25 weeks! Can't believe that the 3rd trimester is almost here!

Yesterday Scott and I got started on our mini apartment make over. The problem was that when we moved in back in June, we just dumped all the extra stuff in the second bedroom. We didn't know we were pregnant, so we didn't foresee needing the second bedroom just yet. The other problem is that I have an incredible amount of classroom things boxed up. Some of it, I've been able to use in my preschool room, but the majority of it is still boxed up in second bedroom closet. I've been very much stressed out over making room for the baby.

Here is a before picture of the second bedroom/ nursery. A desk, bookshelf, sewing machine, and bunch of crap.

Step 1: Move all teaching stuff into the outside storage closet on our balcony
Step 2: Roll sewing machine into the now empty nursery closet
Step 3: Move desk into our bedroom
Step 4: Move recliner/rocker from living room into nursery
Step 5: Assemble crib!

Here is a before picture of our bedroom. Just a bed, nightstand, and a dresser. In order to fit the desk in without it being really crammed, we had to move everything!

After! I actually like this set up better anyways! We still need to rehang all the pictures.

We still have alot of work to do. We left the book shelf in the nursery and it is covered in junk. Sally is making the crib bedding, I can't wait to see it finished! And obviously, it needs some curtains and decorations!

Monday, December 5, 2011

24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Man, I feel like my belly is really getting out there! I know the next few weeks are gonna fly by with the holidays coming up and before I know it, it will be January and he will be soon be his way. I've been kinda stressed about getting the nursery ready. We are still in the process of getting the second bedroom cleaned out and organized. There will be a great shifting of furnature so I can have my dream nursery. I can't wait for it to come together!

I just bought some maternity jeans at Old Navy tonight so I can' have something to wear to work. All my scrubs (that i bought at 13 weeks) are gettin too tight. I dont have any new pregnancy symptoms this week. Still have the heartburn, swelling feet and hands, and trouble sleeping.

I saw the Dr last week and everything looks good! Blood pressure good, weight gain good, and baby boys heartbeat good. At 10 weeks I remember the Dr pushing and rolling the thing around on my belly to find the heartbeat and it was so faint sounding. This time, I could hear the his heart loud and strong as soon as the dopler touched my skin.

Probably the most exciting that that has happened since my last update is that I can now SEE his kicks. I watched my belly jump all through church. Looks kinda like I have popcorn popping in my belly.

Not much else has been going on outside of the normal humdrum of life with the exception that Im almost finished with my first quilting project. I still need to put on the inner border, outer border, binding, and backing. Too bad its pink! Oh well, maybe one day I'll have a little girl to give it some use.