Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beach Trip!

So for almost as long as I can remember, my family has gone to the beach every summer. I think I was about 9 the first time we went. We have been very blessed because we would have never been able to afford such a vacation every year, but my Dad's boss owns a condo and lets us stay there for free! Well I've been MIA from the family vacation for the past 3 summers, so I was really excited to go this year! This was the first time I've gone since Scott and I got married so it was fun to share all of our traditions with him. And of course, how could we forget little spaghetti head? I was so excited to take him to the beach for the first time! We couldn't stay a whole week because 1) I'm out of  vacation time at work 2) it was the week before school started and I just couldn't not be at work to get my things together for my new class. We tried to make the most of our 3 days at the beach.

Saturday: Scott went to work from 5am to 8am to unload the truck. Then we hit the road! Little man did so good, I can't begin to even tell you how good he was. 11 hours in, he had a total meltdown and screamed for the last 27 miles. But I think we all wanted to scream and cry by that point! We had pizza in the condo for dinner and then went to bed.

Sunday: Slept in and lounged around the condo all morning. Hit the beach about noon. The water was perfect! Crystal clear, warm, no sea weed or jelly fish, and calm waves. Got to feeling bad (remember, I was sick for 2 weeks?) and went to lay down. Then we showered and got ready to go out to eat. We were gonna go to Fudpuckers, but the wait was an hour and a half so we went to the Crab Trap instead. It was nice because its right on the beach with open windows adn it was such a beautiful night.

Monday: Stayed in the condo all morning because we were so sunburned while Dad and Cody played golf. Went down to the beach for a short little bit and hung out by the pool under the umbrella. Meanwhile, my mom played with Bryce all day, spoiling him rotten. After the sun went behind the wall of condos, we took Bryce down the beach. It was cute to see his expressions. He just looked at the ocean. He wasn't scared to get in at all. When the waves would retreat back, taking the sand under his feet with it, he would start dancing! Then a big wave came and actually got his shorts wet and he started crying! That was enough for him. Then we went and swam in the pool. Bryce made me a nervous wreck in the pool. He kept putting his face down in the water on purpose, lapping it up like a dog! We all had a good time in the pool! We ate in the condo that night and watched some shark week.

Tuesday: Mom cooked a big breakfast. We all got ready and dressed and headed down the harbor for a walk because the beach looked bad. It was overcast and cloudy and the water looked nasty. We just walked around at the harbor looking at the fish that people had caught. No one had caught much of anything. Then we ate in the harbor at Dewey Destins. I tried Mahi Mahi for the first time! (I'm not a fan of sea food). I liked it OK. The flavor was good, just real meaty. Went back to the condo and the weather had cleared up so we went down the beach again. The water was too rough for my liking so I just laid on the beach. Scott and I just hung out in the pool all afternoon. Ate in the condo for dinner again and then Scott and I went for a walk on the beach. It was strange. Usually the beach is packed with people, even at night, but there was basically no one. When we got back, I packed up all our stuff. When I was done packing, my Dad, Mom, and Cody were all in the king size bed together watching Caddy Shack. They wanted me to get in too! We barely fit, but it worked. 
Bryce's face is hilarious to me!

Wednesday: Got up early and headed home :( Bryce pooped Armageddon style in the car seat in Mobile, AL. Used up all the wipes we had cleaning him up. Then he had his screaming fit 10 miles out of Jackson, MS so we had to stop to get him out of the car seat to play. He screamed when I put him back in his car seat, but he was asleep within a matter of minutes. The rest of the drive went really well.

These were all the pics I could get uploaded before my computer crashed. :(

I will prob make another post with the ones from my phone. They actually turned out a lot better.

I'm sitting, and I'm not happy about it!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

5 months!

I can't believe my baby isn't a newborn anymore!

Weight: If I had to guess...about 15 lbs. Now he is too big and wiggly to put on my baby scale safely.

Length: No idea. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Diaper Size: Size 3

Clothing size: Carters 6 months, Target 3-6 month. And yes, everything in his closet is pretty much those brands.

Milestones: Basically, he just continued with everything from last month. Just within days of turning 5 months old, he started doing all sorts of new things!

Im sitting, and Im not happy about it!
 1) He now can sit propped by his own hands! He hasn't mastered this yet and is real unsteady and falls sideways very easily.

2) He also started "reaching" for people. He pretty much used to be unresponsive if you held out your hands and said "Want to come to momma?" Now he leans towards you and kinda lifts his arms and his face lights up. He will go to anyone!

3) He reaches for all food and drink! He gets MAD if he sees a Sonic cup and I take it away from him. He tries to drink out of the straw! He also tries to grab food off my plate and out of my hands. Basically, he is ready for food. I could give it to him now if I wanted, but I guess I just want the go ahead from the Dr.

4) He is trying to crawl! He used to do nothing but cry when I put him on his tummy, but now he is strong enough to hold his head and shoulders up for long periods of time. He will pull his knees up by his sides and kick really hard. When he tries to reach the toy in front of him, he usually gets mad because he only scoots a centimeter.

New nick-name: Mr. Chubbers! Finally getting some fat rolls on this boy!

Firsts: First road trip, first time at the beach, first family vacation, first ear infection, and first fever.

Tastes: Licked corn on the cob, squash, and a tortilla chip. He wasn't about to give up the corn or the chip! His face when he licked the squash was hilarious! That was negative. Wont be buying any squash baby food any time soon!

Mommy's favorite moments: Gosh this is so hard to choose. I have to say, watching him try to eat food off my plate and drink out of my cup is pretty darn funny! Today I went to pick him up from Grandma Burrup's and he totally didn't see me. All he saw was my Chick Fil A cup and was about to do a somersault to get to it. His eyes twinkled and he squealed with delight when he saw it. Its so funny and cute!

At the beach in PJ's!
Mommy, I just wanna go to sleep!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So I feel like its been a year since I updated. Prolly because a lot has happened! I don't even know where to start!

For starters I finished another Pinterest project for Bryce's room.

I bought the embroidery hoops at hobby lobby (all 6 for less than $5)
I already had the fabric scraps from his crib bedding so I just found some pieces that where the right size and clamped them in. Pinterest said to glue it down but I didn't find this step necessary. I just used my handy dandy rotary cutter to cut off the excess fabric and DONE!

looks real tiny on the wall. I got some plans to fix that!

Scott came home from California! It wasn't near as stressful this time and didn't feel like it was really that long at all. I guess I'm just getting used to being on my own.

The day Scott got home, I was not feeling great. I ran a fever that night and decided I would go to the Dr in the morning. WHAT A WASTE OF A SICK DAY THAT WAS. Long story, but basically I just offhandedly mentioned that one of my symptoms was "pain behind the eye" and the Dr immediately said she was sending me to the opthamologist before she even examined me. I was not impressed. I will not be seeing her again. I spent 3 hours at the eye Dr getting all sorts of pointless testing done and my eyes were completely healthy. I really hate the eye Dr. I would rather have 100 pap smears before going to the eye Dr. I should have just gone home and went to bed.

Then, my symptoms got worse. The sinus drainage started, my throat hurt so bad it hurt to swallow and talk, and my head pounded. I was downing Tylenol like it was candy. I kept a low grade fever all week. Then Scott got the same thing. And then Bryce got it too. Then the coughing up all sorts of ungodly mucus started.

Then we went on Vacation! (I will have to make a separate post about this)

And Bryce turned 5 months old! (again, separate post)

Then, the night before I went back to work, BAM! Hurts like hell to pee! I seriously could have screamed. I just can't get a break! But I have medicine now so Ill survive.

Now I just have to survive the next 7 days and maybe I'll feel like I can breath again. Totally stressed to the max at work. (again, probably have to make a whole other post about this too)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

story of my life

So Scott has been gone again for another 2 week trip as a Grand Opening Trainer for Chick Fil A. This time he got to go to sunny California. Laguna Beach to be exact. Things he has done so far: gone to Hollywood(twice), gone to an Angels game, gone to the beach half  dozen times, seen Batman, seen The Watch, had dinner on the beach, had a bonfire on the beach, oh yeah and worked.

What have I been doing? WELL.....

Monday: went home at lunch to get my insurance card so I could have it for my dentist appointment that afternoon. On the way back to work, I somehow managed to run over a long metal spear/rod and lodge it in my tire. Left work at 3:30 to go to my 4:00 dentist apt, the low tire pressure light comes on. Call my dad after the dentist so he can check it out. We run to Sams to get a new tire. Its gonna be an hour. Go to my inlaws in the meantime b/c thats where Bryce has been this whole time. Sams calls, its time to pick up the car. Get home at 8pm. Oh yeah, and I have a cavity.

Wed: Bryce woke up with goop in his eye. Didn't think a thing of it, he's woken up with goop plenty of times. Well by 10am they were coming to get me bc his eye was like a puddle of green puss. Call the dr. Can't get in until 2:20. Leave work early to take Bryce to the dr. By the time we got there, his fever was 102 and it turned out he had a double ear infection. Leave the dr, go to walgreens to get the prescription. Get home, realize I have the old childrens tylenol they pulled off the market. Call my mom to go buy me new tylenol.

Thurs: Stay home with Bryce. I loved spending all day with him. He was even feeling well enough that we went to see LaLa at work.

Friday: After work, went with the whole family to Cock of the Walk for my cousin Haydens birthday. Bryce did so good, he didn't get fussy till the end. Got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time, it was fun!

Saturday: up at 6:45 (felt so good to sleep that late) took a nap at 9, went to lunch with the in laws and went to the fabric store. Watched the Olympics and caught up on laundry and housework.

Sunday: did nothing. By nothing I mean I cleaned both bathrooms, made the embroidery rings for Bryce's room, washed clothes, folded laundry and watched the Olympics. Funny how that feels like nothing.

Monday: Start majorly stressing at work. Realize Im going on vacation in a week, which I haven't started planning/packing/shopping/organizing for. I also dont have my lesson plans ready for when Im on vacation or have all the supplies gathered. Oh yeah and when I get back, I get like 1 day to move classrooms, decorate, write names on everything and start all over with a whole new group of kids. OVERWHELMED. Oh and I was training someone on top of that.

Tuesday: Stress some more. Went grocery shopping after work and was completely disgusted by the Kroger on Shackelford. I will never shop there again, no matter that it is less than a mile from my apt. There was not one head of lettuce decent enough to eat, the strawberries were molding, and I saw some bacon in the fridge that had turned grey. GROSS

Wednesday: get 4 ulcers in my mouth.

Thurs: 3 of the 4 ulcers have combined into a super ulcer. At this point im downing Tylenol just so I can talk. I also "lost" my wallet. After 35 mins of searching, Shonta found it under another car in the parking lot. It had been run over and my debit card snapped in half. How am I gonna survive without a debit card? Im gonna have to withdraw all the money we have just so I have cash.

I still have to survive Friday and Saturday before Scott gets home. I dont wanna think about what else could happen.