Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We moved (again)

You know when you're young and in love? That "I'll follow you around the world" love? Yeah, that was me. We moved twice in first 2 years of marriage. Then moved a 3rd time when we moved back home to Arkansas. And now, on the eve of our 4th anniversary, we moved again. I really didn't want to. I liked where we were. I was happy and content. But it really just came down the money. Rent was going up again and we could barely afford it already. So the apartment hunt began.

This move was the hardest for me. We are still not unpacked. I worked 18 hours a week the other times we moved and didn't have a baby on my hip. We have exponentially more stuff this time and it is almost impossible to unpack or hang anything with Bryce around. Scott is out of town for 2 weeks so I've just been at it alone.

Maybe one day when I get everything unboxed I'll share some pictures.

But I do love the place! It feels much much bigger! Bryce has plenty of room to run around. I love all the windows (our other place was a dark cave)! I love the details like a fire place, high ceilings, and a chandelier that make it feel more like a house.

Only problem now is I want to completely redo the whole place! I've got like 8 projects going!

Bryce's idea of helping me unpack

My super old stove. I love my new kitchen.

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