Wednesday, February 22, 2012

T-Minus 1 month!

Today marks 1 month until my due date!

Things I look forward to post-pregnancy:

1) Sleeping on my belly
2) Being able to see my ankle bone
3) Not having to worry about my blood sugar
4) Having all my shoes fit again.
5) Having my wrists not hurt anymore (no carpel tunnel)
6) Being able to wear my wedding ring again
7) Not having to pee 37 times a day
8) Not peeing on myself
9) Being able to give a proper hug
10) Not feeling hot/sweaty ALL day

While shopping, Scott told me "Don't knock over anything with your belly". I scoffed. Then a minute later a lady in the store took one look at me and asked "Are you due any day now?" Sadly, I told her I still had 4 weeks left. Bryce could put on 1/2 a week; where in the world is he gonna go? He has already bought up property under my ribs and directly on top of my bladder. I'm really feeling really pregnant now. I barely could put my shoes on this morning, I can't reach my purse in the floorboard of the car, and I most certainly can't shut the car door once I'm already sitting down. Even though I feel really pregnant these days, I don't think reality has set in yet. In just a few weeks I'll have a baby! How terrifying!

I constantly think about Bryce. I wonder what he will look like. How much hair will he have? How dark will it be? Maybe it will be curly like my dads. Will he have cleft chin like his daddy? I wonder if his eyes will stay blue like Cody's or be green like mine? Will he be happy and smile all the time? Will he be a fussy baby that never stops crying? What will his cry sound like? Will he look more like me or more like Scott or a perfect blend of both? Will I cry uncontrollably when I see him for the first time? Yes pretty sure!

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