Saturday, March 24, 2012

1 Week

Well the first week has flown by! I keep having this thought in the back of mind that the rest of his life will go by just as fast. So Im trying to soak up every little sweet moment.
Well we stayed in the hospital from Thursday-Sunday. All those days kinda run together. Ive never been so exhuasted in my whole life! Some of my favorite memories from the hospital were when Bryce got  to met his Great Grandmother. She was so excited to see him. She barged in the room and said "Let me see his face." She talked to him about trips to farm to go swimming the creek. I hope one day Bryce can have the memories of the farm like I do as part of his childhood. Another memory I love is every night when the nurses would roll Bryce in for his feedings. He was never crying, just eyes wide open, staring at me. He looked so peaceful and happy. When he did cry, Scott would hold him and talk to him. Scott would say sweet things like "Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We planned for you, we've waited for you, and now we get to love you." It was so sweet!

Sunday morning we got to check out of the hospital and come home! It was beautiful day! I hadn't been outside for days, so it was even more beautiful to me. Bryce slept in his car seat all the way home. When we got home, I layed him on the couch, and he immediatly rolled to his side! Just practicing to roll over!

My mom took of work to stay at home with me on Monday and Tuesday. Im so thankful she did becuase I was still really sore from the C section and couldn't really get along that well alone. One day I woke up from a snooze on the couch and she was reading to Bryce from a Southern Living magazine. She said they had been learning all about rose bushes and pimento cheese recipies! I can tell my mom is completely in love him, she definatly likes to hog him!

 Im not going to lie, those first 2 nights at home where pretty bad. Bryce didn't sleep for more than 10 mins at time. He was very fussy and cried a lot. As a new mother, I really didn't know what to think. I tried giving him a passy. Problem was, he would fall sleep, then let it fall out of his mouth, and then start crying all over again. I was up every 10 mins to put the passy back in his mouth. I rocked him, sang to him, fed him, changed him and he was still crying. It wasn't until the next day I realized the fussiness was due to gas. He would stretch his legs and arch his back and look like he was in so much pain. He hadn't had a poopy diaper since we'd been home, so I was worried about him. Finally, the next night he loaded up like 4 diapers in a row and it he was much less fussy and started sleeping for longer stretches.

The next few nights went much better. He would sleep for 1-3 hour stretches. I guess I dont have the diaper thing down yet, becuase he wet his crib twice in one night. Another night, he went through 3 onsies as he was always wet when I went to feed him. I've got him to sleep without the passy as this was also preventing him from sleeping. We are finally getting into a rythmn and I look forward to when he sleeps through the night. Shoot, I'd be thrilled if I only had to get up twice.

Bryce also had his first bath at home this week. He didn't like it very much. Of course, me and Scott probably are not expert bath givers just yet either.

On Thursday we took Byce to his 1 week check up at the Dr. I was very disapointed to learn that he had actually lost more weight since he left the hospital. He was down to 6 lbs 14 oz. Dr. Keathly wanted me to start pumping and suppliment his feedings to make sure he was getting enough. This was upsetting to me becuase breastfeeding was one thing I thought I was doing right.

After his Dr. appointment, we swung by Chick Fil A to pick up Scotts check and decided to go in a get a bite to eat! It was his first outing and he did so good!

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