Saturday, March 2, 2013

First birthday sneak peak!

So the party planning started soon after Christmas. I went bananas on Pinterest for days on end gathering up ideas before I decided on a theme. I decided a circus/ carnival theme party would be so fun! I loved the colors and all the ideas I could incorporate.

After deciding on colors and a theme I had to start my shopping! I went to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Party City, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target,Vaness, and shopped on Oriental Trading, Etsy, And Amazon. Like the super nerd (aka super mom) that I am, I took pictures with my phone of everything I wanted to buy with the price tag and went back home and made a master list. I decided which stores had the best deals and what I really didn't have to buy. This also helped me stay on budget. This stage of the planning took a few weeks so its a good thing I started so early.

This is when the Party Planning Notebook came into existence. I know right? I made all sorts of lists. List of people to invite, list of things to buy, list of things to make, list of all food items, list of games to play. I made sketches of center pieces, decorations, cakes, and room arrangement. I know, I know! I'm that mom! This might be the only birthday I have any say in so I'm gonna enjoy it! Pretty soon he'll tell me he wants a Spider-Man party at Jump Zone and that will be the end of that.

Everything at the party will be a mixture of home made and store bought. Here's what I've made so far:

The invitations are simply red cardstock with a half inch smaller piece of yellow cardstock on top. Then I printed my design on standard white card stock that came precut to that size. It did take me some time to get the final look of my design on the computer. I had to download some super cute fonts. Once I learned how to do that, it really wasn't that hard at all! It was a lot of moving around and resizing to get it to fit just right. I really wish I knew more about computers because I felt like it took forever!

The centerpieces are not finished in these pictures. I bought the popcorn holders at target for a dollar each. I hot glued a dowel rod in the middle of each holder. I cut a number 1 out of cardboard, which was not easy. I then traced and cut 1s out of scrapbook paper and glued it to the front and back of the cardboard number 1s. Then I hot glued the 1 to the top of the dowel rod. All that is left is to crumple up some yellow tissue paper to put in the holder to look like popcorn!

Then last, the timeline pictures. This is pretty standard at every first birthday. I printed off 1 picture from every month and mounted on scrapbook paper. I then hung in the window to display. It will probably not be in the window at the party. I will probably just have it hanging up.

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  1. <3 it! wish I could be there to see & take photos. xoxo