Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break (kinda)

So for those of you who don't know, I work for a wonderful company named Pediatrics Plus. It is a privately owned company that provides outpatient therapy (Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy) for children with delays and special needs. I work in their Developmental Preschool teaching Pre-K. My students are technically "patients". Medicaid funds our whole operation basically. Medicaid says we can only close school 2 days a year (non holiday). Tear. So I got 1 day off for Spring Break! I can't really complain I guess since anyone in a non teaching field gets zero days for Spring Break.

I had all these wonderful plans in my head of spending a day with Bryce and Scott doing springy things like going to the park, going out to lunch, pushing Bryce along in the stroller in the sunny 70 degree weather wearing flip flops and sipping a Sonic drink. Well that didn't happen, not even close.

First, Scott had to work, so it was down to just Bryce and I. Of course we were both up at 530 out of habit. I decided to make pancakes with Bryce for breakfast. He wanted to stick his hands all in the eggs and the batter and the hot skillet. He actually succeeded at putting his hand in the skillet, but luckily he touched the pancake and not the pan. He entertained him self by pulling out every spoon and spatula we have and banged them on the counter. He loved the pancakes! Had a stack of 2 and screamed for more. I see many more pancake stacks in our near future!

For lunch, we headed out in the cold rain to eat lunch with La-La. We picked her up at St. Vincent's and went across the street to Pei Wei. Bryce was awful! Like never-going-out-to-eat-ever-again-awful. First, he would not sit in the booster seat while we waited on our food. He screamed and was physically fighting me and my mom to get away from the table. Then when the food came, he screamed because we weren't cramming food in his mouth fast enough. He would actually scream for food when I could still see food in his mouth he hadn't even chewed up. He even chocked at one point because he had so much food in his mouth. Then he lost interest in eating all together and wanted to throw his plate. Lets just say we go out of there as fast as we could. We went straight home for a nap.

I enjoyed the break while he napped for 2 hours. When he woke up, we headed to Target for a few things. Scott met us there since he just got off work. Then I headed over to Lauren's house for dinner and time with friends. It was much needed!

Saturday I had the pleasure of going to my Pre K Ella class. Ideal for spoiling a 3 day weekend.

When I got out of class I went and picked up Bryce and Grandma and Grandpa mentioned he had a little fever, but seemed to be over it. Well about 5 pm, Bryce was crawling up and down the stairs having a good ole time. He walked over to me, wanted to be picked up, and literally collapsed in my arms. He was burning up to the touch. Immediately got the thermometer and it his fever was 104. Its so scary when his fever gets that high. After a dose of Tylenol it came down to 102.

Sunday morning Bryce slept until 11. As much as I LOVED sleeping that late, it was very concerning. We headed to the urgent care clinic at St. Vincent West. I was so excited to find out it was only a $20 co-pay and not the $100 "urgent care" charge. Believe me, we have racked up some major bills since Bryce only believes in getting sick on the weekends. I was convinced that with a fever that high it had to be an ear infection or the flu. He had neither. The Dr. said a fever virus with no other symptoms is going around and that it lasts for 3-5 days. Great.

And that was my Spring Break. Then End. Maybe next year...
I took this picture just to remember how skinny he is. All muscle.

Wrestling. He wanted to jump up and down on me.

Giggling wildly

His 2nd favorite wrestling move. I think he thinks if he lays on my arms like that I am incapable to get him.

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