Friday, March 29, 2013

Bye bye babyhood

I remember reading an old newspaper clipping that said "Once your child can walk he/ she is no longer a baby, they are a toddler". My response was " oh no, he will still be a baby!" and he always be in my eyes. This was such a sobering thing to read and I was in denial about it for a good long while.

Bryce took his first steps at 10 1/2 months and by the end of the week he was walking. Didn't matter, he was still a baby to me. Then, as his birthday approached, talks began about him moving out of the "baby room" and into the older class. At first I was excited about this new life that Bryce would have. Playing on the playground, doing art, having circle tim, having a classroom full of more age appropriate toys, it all seemed legit. Then I started thinking about him only having one nap. One nap on a cot, not in a crib. No bottles, drinking out of a sippy cup all day. No formula, whole milk and juice. 2 scheduled meals a day and a snack. His first lunch tray! Would he be ok without a bottle in between meals? Would he even drink milk out of sippy cup (he won't at home). Would he stay on his cot? Would he behave in circle time? I was so so nervous. And even more nervous about all these changes making him less a baby and more a big boy. I wasn't ready!

Well life doesn't sit around waiting for you to be emotionally ready to let your child grow up. On his first day, he got right down to business with the toys and didn't even notice me leaving. I kept peeking in the window throughout the day checking on him. At circle time he was standing up in front of the whole class trying to grab the book out if his teachers hand (he just wants to turn the pages I'd tell myself) he went right to sleep his first day on his cot and slept all through nap. He ate every last morsel of his first school lunch and was just fine drinking milk out if his sippy cup. I saw him climb up the stairs on the playground and he slid down the slide backwards. Everything I had worried about seemed so silly since he was just acting like he'd been in this class his whole life!

I don't even want to think about him starting Kindergarten... Because he will always be my baby!

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  1. My oldest is 11 and she is still my baby. It never changes.