Sunday, February 17, 2013

11 Months!

sick and not feeling like a picture
Height/Weight: 20 lbs 1oz and I have no idea about the height.

Size clothing: 12 months and some 18 months

Shoe size: 3 or 3 1/2

Milestones: Obviously the biggest milestone this month has been that he has taken his first steps! I really was not prepared for how fast they came. He has been cruising the furniture for some time now but hadn't stood with out holding on at all. Super Bowl weekend he stood by himself for a few seconds and by Thursday of that week he was walking! He hasn't really attempted much more walking because he has been so sickly this past week.  In other news, he finally clapped for the first time (in response to his walking). He has also learned to dance. Anytime music comes on the TV he stops what he is doing a starts bouncing up and down!

Firsts: First time being really sick. Up till this point, we've been really lucky. The only sickness he has had is one ear infection, one case of pink eye, and a few colds. This time he had the fortunate experience of having an ear infection and a stomach virus at the same time. They put him on a different antibiotic for the ear infection because amoxicillin usually upsets their tummies. Well that did nothing for his ear infection which caused it to get out of control and spike his fever to 105.1 after 4 days on the antibiotic. I do not recommend taking your child to the ER for any reason other than a traumatic brain injury or cardiac arrest because it is a waste of $100. I paid $100 for a Dr. to look in his ear and tell me he had an ear infection. No shit. They didn't even give him Tylenol. My advice is just administer Tylenol and then wait for your Pediatrician's office to open.

Mommies favorite moments: It's so hard to choose since he just gets so much cuter every day! Of course at top of the list is seeing him walk! Then I'd have to say how excited he gets over everything! He squeals and laughs and kicks his legs with excitement. He also has learned to wrestle! We do it almost every day now.

yall don't understand! This is his face all the time now! Who knew my straightener was so exciting?

This pretty much sums up our relationship!

High five dude!

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