Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Letter To My Son On His First Birthday


This is not my first letter to you, and I hope that it is not my last. Your first year of life has been nothing short of a perfect mixture of joy, happiness, and love. The day you were born, I was so scared. Would you be healthy? Would I know what to do? Would I be a good mom? The day we brought you home, I was nervous. How often should I feed you? How long should you sleep? Would I know if something was wrong? On the day you first smiled, my  heart jumped outta my chest. Before I even knew what I was doing, I was crying with joy. This wouldn't be the last time. On the day you first rolled over I was so proud. On the day you first babbled I was so tickled. On the day you first slept through the night I was terrified. On the day you first crawled I was so relieved. On the day you first stood I cried again. On the day you took your first steps I was so thrilled.

I still look at you as you sleep and cant believe you are here and that you are mine. I can't believe how much you look like your daddy. I can't believe how much you act just like me. I can't believe you have your Pawpaw's temper! (not too excited about that one). I can't believe my scrawny, skinny, little 7 lb 10 oz bundle of joy can barely fit in my arms. I can't believe you are 1!

Over this year, we have loved getting to know your little personality. You are so easy going, we can take you anywhere. You light up the room with your smile everywhere we go. Your silly little laugh is so infectious. You are already very curious and are interested in exploring everything. And Lord help me if I can't feed you fast enough. You are so loving, compassionate, and love giving hugs and kisses.

So here is my hope for you. I hope that as the years fly by that you will keep intact the things that make you my Bryce-a-roni. I hope you keep smiling and bringing joy to others with your light. I hope you never stop showing your love towards others. I hope you never stop wondering and dreaming and exploring.

I try to imagine what you will look like when you are 5. I try to imagine what your voice will sound like. I try to imagine your life. Will you love baseball? Will you be artistic? Will you marry your high school sweet heart? The point is, I can't wait to see the man you will grow up to become. Well, I can wait. I'll savor every moment until then. Hopefully, one day you'll read this and know how much I love you.


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