Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Top Fun

Last day in the baby room! 3-15-2013

One of his teachers. He is gonna miss them!

So La-la brought cupcakes for his class in the afternoon. I couldn't post any pics with the other kids in them, but I got a lot of really good ones of him trying to steal their cupcakes.

On Saturday, the day of his party, I sent Bryce over to my parents house so I could devote all my time to setting up for the party. When I went to pic him up for his party, he was strolling around in his "new" car! It was Cody's when he was about 2.

Once I learned how to download fonts, I fell in love with this font. I used it on practically everything!
I feel so lucky that I was able to use the multi purpose room at work for his party!


Such a labor of love. I bought some plastic table cloth on the roll at Party City to make this. The banner was also bought at Party City. It came with 4 banners and stickers to customize what you wanted it to say. I used red and white streamers to create the stripes.

I baked his cake and cupcakes the night before and then frosted them myself a couple of hours before the party. I used a pastry bag with a tip on the end to create the simple design on the cupcakes. I bought white icing and dyed it yellow. All of that I bought in the cake decorating section at Wal-Mart. The cake I also did myself (haha you can't tell right? lol. My hand was cramped up so bad from squeezing the pastry bag and I was in such a hurry that I didn't care that it looked awful). Cupcake liners, toppers, red and white stripped trays all came from Hobby Lobby. I used a red bowl from my mom's house and turned it upside down and used it as a cake stand.

Shout out to the Bug Man for letting me use their popcorn machine! Happy Birthday Banner came from Hobby Lobby.

More of the plastic table cloth on roll came in handy here. For the letters I just free handed them on poster board and cut them out. I then covered with scrapbook paper. Shout out to Chick Fil A for filling our balloons with helium.

Got lucky again because these glass containers belong to Peds Plus. I made the 1 for his photo shoot. I bought it at Hobby Lobby and glued scrapbook paper on it.

Cone Snow  Stand. I would have liked to do more here but time just didn't allow that.

Photo Booth. I saw the twisted streamer idea on Pinterest. It was not easy. You have to twist it just right to make it look like that. It was very frustrating and I'm sure I said a few curse words trying to do it. If you plan to use this for anything I suggest practicing it first. Once I got in a rhythm and figured out how to hold it just right, it went pretty past.

I bought these little tiny ducks in the party favor section at Wal-Mart. They were a disappointment as they only float bottoms up. That kinda defeated the whole purpose of the game, but whatev. The kids still liked it so that's all that matters.

There used to be a game like this a "Show Biz" aka "Chuck E Cheese" when I was a kid and I was addicted to it. So of course I had to have it as a carnival game! Got the cute red buckets at the Dollar Tree as well as the whiffle balls

I saved up some veggie cans and set them aside. I had originally planned to spray paint them red, but who has time for that? So I cut some scrapbook paper and taped it on! I bought the balls a the Dollar Tree. I wanted a ball heavy enough to knock the cans down, but one that wouldn't injure anyone or put a hole in the wall. The red basket came from my moms house.

So this was so simple to make. Would you think I was crazy if I told you at one point the whole thing looked like a circus train complete with "The Greatest Birthday on Earth" written on it? I tore it up a couple of hours before the party because I wasn't in love with how it turned out. This works too.

This is one thing I loved how it turned out. I ordered the collage from Walgreens.com at 11 pm on Thursday and picked it up Friday afternoon! I'm sorry Shutterfly, but you can't beat that. Its so easy to make. You just upload the pics you want, choose what size poster you want, and place them in the collage. I was so afraid that the picture quality wouldn't turn out great or the color would be off, but it looks amazing! I can't wait to frame it and put it up in our bedroom! Shout out to Christy Chance Photography for taking such amazing pictures! Red and white stripped box came from my moms house. It was holding the party favors.   
Bean Bag Toss. Shout out to Aunt Shelia for loaning this to us.

The hat was a gift from my mom. This is another one of his teachers, Miss Meagan.

Again, I love to download fonts! It relaxes me to make stuff like this. Shout out to fontspace.com for making this so awesome. The borders and banners were from http://www.fontspace.com/kimberly-geswein/kg-flavor-and-frames

As previously mentioned on the blog, I bought these pop corn holders in the dollar bins at Target. I cut the number 1 out of cardboard and covered with scrapbook paper. Yellow tissue to make it look like popcorn.

I bought these awesome paper straws at Target. I used a veggie can and covered it with raffle tickets. I bought the tickets at the Dollar Tree

The clown straw toppers came from Hobby Lobby

Printed off some of my favorite pics of him and arranged them into the letters. I taped them down onto some foam board and added the ribbon to add color.

What can I say? He is my son!

In the eye

Ms Stacey, his second momma

He loved this toy! He cried when I tried to set it aside to open more!

Hadley helped open some presents!

Faith helped too!

I love this pic of Bryce and Uncle Cody

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  1. Wow. You are amazing. My kids would die to have a party like that.