Monday, September 3, 2012

Wooo pig sooie!

So to kick off the razorback season I wanted to make a razorback wreath for the door. I decided to do something different than a wreath because I have too many with nowhere to put them! I saw something similar on Pinterest but I choose to tweak it to make it my own.

Hobby lobby, the happiest place on earth, of course had everything I needed!

1) red chevron canvas. 8.99 a yard (sadly excluded from their year round 30% of fabric sale). I bought 1/2 a yard which was way more than I needed. The fabric was the biggest expense of this project so if saving money is your thing just buy 1/4 of a yard.

2) burlap. 8.99 a yard(i think). Sold on the bolt by the yard! I had no idea! Again, bought way too much. 1/2 a yard would be ideal. They had several shades of brown ( I bought the lightest). They also had red and black! You could easily make this project with the red or black too. After seeing the finished project I think the black would really make the razorback pop and then I would use a white flower or buttons at the top!

3) No Sew. $2.79. (not on sale). I was really unsure about putting burlap through the sewing machine and didn't want to jack it up trying so I just bought some fabric glue.

4) red craft paint (.69ish)

5)paint brushes (3.99ish) I didn't keep my receipt can you tell?

Ok so when I started this project I was completely bs-ing the whole thing since I deviated so far from the original project. I'm sure there is a more efficient way but I just went with it..

Step 1: iron burlap. I know right? Gotta get those creases from the bolt out! Usually this where I would line up the selvages and square up the fabric but it's burlap for goodness sake and it's not a quilt so I just eye balled it and cut off a piece that looked about the size I wanted.

Step 2: fold burlap in half. 1 layer of burlap is rather thin and since I was gong to be painting and gluing on it I wanted 2 layers. After you fold it in half the top will be folded, the bottom is the selvage end ( it won't fray) and then you have the two raw sides which will be shedding fibers like crazy. This is where the glue comes in. I thought about just gluing the 2 pieces together like a sandwich but I was afraid it would still fray and shed and not look finished....

Step 3: finger fold sides down and iron to set fold. It's hard to finger fold burlap, so that's why you need to iron it. Again, I'm just making this up as I go. I didn't measure to make sure I was folding the same width the whole way down, just eye balled it. You perfectionist out there can use 1/2 inch seam.

Step 4: glue the folds down with No Sew fabric glue. Love this stuff! Dries fast and clear so even when it goops through the burlap you can't tell! I put some heavy crap on top for a few mins until it dried. NOW you should have a somewhat perfect rectangle of 2 layers of burlap, finished on all sides so it won't fray.

Step 5: print a razorback of Internet. Cut out and trace with pencil on top of chevron fabric. Then cut out! Voila! it's a chevron razorback! Use the glue to glue on burlap

Step 6: free hand paint your saying in any font you like.

Now this is where I thought I was finished but it just looked like something was missing. I thought two huge red and white polka dot buttons and some ribbon would finish it off nicely. I went to Michael's and didn't see any buttons that even came close to what I had envisioned. By chance, while walking down the scrapbook isle, i saw these red burlap flowers! Bingo! They would perfectly replace the polka dot buttons. Then I realized I didn't need to buy ribbon bc I could just make it out off the left over chevron fabric.

Step 7: tear sticky back off of flowers and use fabric glue to glue down. Hot glue would work well here too but I was too lazy to get it out. 
Step 8: cut a 2 inch strip of chevron. Finger fold the two sides. Glue two folded edges together. Could just as easily sew it together but I was too lazy to pull the sewing machine out. Glue ends to the back. DONE!

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