Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Zoo

So We've been wanting to take Bryce to the zoo since the day he was born. He was too little to go back in the spring, and this summer was brutally hot, so we've been patiently waiting on fall to get here so we could take our little monkey to the zoo!

 There were tons of people at the zoo! I think it was because earlier in the day they had a baby shower for the new baby gorilla. There was pink wrapping paper and pink tissue paper all over the place! And OMG was that baby gorilla not the cutest little thing! Almost made me want another baby. It was so interesting to see how the mother gorilla was cradling her baby and caring for it.

 So cute! She laid down with her baby in her arms!
 The prairie dogs were about the only thing we could get Bryce to look at. He was too busy watching all the people and kids running around.

 So the giraffe leaned over into rhino area to get some grass. The rhino was in the little rhino house, nowhere to be seen. 
 Then, out of nowhere, the rhino starts trotting out of the rhino house right at the giraffe. He didn't have to tell him twice to get away from his grass. The giraffe backed up so fast!
 So this right here is the whole reason we had to come to the zoo! Scott has been dreaming of taking a picture where he holds Bryce up to the whole animal kingdom just like the opening scene in Lion King. (I know, I married a weirdy!) And dont worry, Scott is like like 4 feet from the rail.

We enjoyed our first family trip to the zoo! I know there will be many more to come!

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