Monday, September 17, 2012

6 months

Height: 27 inches

Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz.

Eye color: Still mostly dark grey. When the sun shines in his eyes, you can see some light brown around the center.  

Diaper size: Size 3

Clothing size: 3-6 months or 6 months. Just depends on the brand.

Changes: This sounds strange I know, but his laugh has changed. It sounds like an old man wheezing. Sometimes it sounds more like bevis and butthead laughing. But when he thinks something is really hysterical, like Scott walking acoss the room, he will laugh and giggle just the same as always.

Milestones: trying to crawl, sitting up, jumps like crazy, cries when you take a toy away (especially Iphones, or Sonic cups), eating solids, holds his own bottle, laughing all the time, a whole slew of new sounds (So far I've heard short a, long i, and the h and g sound. Before all he would do was grunt and growl and maybe say a random sound here and there)

Firsts: Oh my goodness! This month hosted a lot of FIRSTS! I don't even know where to start.

1) Formula. I made the decision to stop breastfeeding. My goal was to make it 6 months. At about 5 months, I just didn't think I could do it anymore. I was leaving my class twice a day to pump. I wasn't getting enough milk for Bryce to get only breast milk, so he was already on a breast milk/formula combo. So I felt like every time we upped his ounzage, I was fighting an uphill battle. I also was getting tired of lugging the bag around, washing the parts, washing the bottles, transporting milk, and trying to keep a never ending supply of milk on hand in the fridge and freezer for outings and emergencies. It was also around this time that I was super stressed, not sleeping, and was sick for 2 weeks. My milk supply basically stopped. I've calculated that on a normal day, I would spend 2 hours a day hooked up to the breast pump. I'm not gonna lie, it feels good to have those 2 hours back But what didn't feel good was what happened next.

2) Constipation. Bless his heart. Poor Bryce would go 2-3 days without pooping. When he did, it was so traumatizing to me and him. He would scream and his face would turn red and his hands would start quivering. There is nothing more gut wrenching as a mother than to see your child in such pain and not be able to help him. After several calls to the pediatrician he now takes 2 ounces of Pear or White Grape juice after every bottle. We have also started solids! I guess we are gonna skip right over cereal. He has only had a couple of spoonfuls of that. We are supposed to be eating fruits and veggies high in fiber to help keep him regular. They said if he doesn't start going regularly, we will have to make an appointment and been seen by the doctor.

3) Teething. As if being constipated wasn't bad enough, he has also cut his 2 bottom teeth! I saw a little blister and by that night, it had cut through. 2 weeks later the other tooth cut through. Whew, we survived that! At least for now.

4) Sleeping through the night....sort of. This month he finally got past the 330 hump. He was in such a slump there for so long, that I still wake up at 330 out of habit. He now sleeps until 430-500. So basically, my day starts at 430 every day. And scott wonders why I go to bed at 9. I dream of a day when I get to sleep until 545, when the alarm is set. ****edit***** So for the past 4 nights, Bryce has slept ALL the way through the night until 6/630!

5) Crawling. He wants to crawl so bad! I keep saying he is going to get a carpet burn on his forehead! He puts his head down in the carpet and gets his butt way up the air and rocks back and forth.

6) Razorback games. He thinks its hilarious to call the Hogs! In fact, its the only way Scott got him to stop screaming when he was trying to poop.

7) Bryce finally got to meet baby Ethan! We drove to Conway on Saturday and saw him. He is still so tiny! I can't believe Bryce was ever that small. Bryce tried to grab Ethan a couple of times, so I can't wait until they are old enough to actually play together. 

8) Riding in the buggy. I now feel confident enough in his sitting abilities to let him sit in the buggy. Lord help me, start praying. because we have mess on our hands. He about flipped out of the buggy 28 times at Walgreens because he was wanting to grab everything off the shelves.

Mommy's favorite moments: defiantly the games he plays with me. His new favorite thing to do is to jump in my lap facing away from me. He will jump like crazy for a few minutes,then he will get real still, turn his head to grin at me, and lay his head so gently back on my shoulder and waits for me to kiss him all over his face. He giggles wildly, and then goes right back to jumping. Then the whole thing repeats. He still wants me to love on him, even when he is busy playing. Melts my heart every time!

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