Thursday, August 2, 2012

story of my life

So Scott has been gone again for another 2 week trip as a Grand Opening Trainer for Chick Fil A. This time he got to go to sunny California. Laguna Beach to be exact. Things he has done so far: gone to Hollywood(twice), gone to an Angels game, gone to the beach half  dozen times, seen Batman, seen The Watch, had dinner on the beach, had a bonfire on the beach, oh yeah and worked.

What have I been doing? WELL.....

Monday: went home at lunch to get my insurance card so I could have it for my dentist appointment that afternoon. On the way back to work, I somehow managed to run over a long metal spear/rod and lodge it in my tire. Left work at 3:30 to go to my 4:00 dentist apt, the low tire pressure light comes on. Call my dad after the dentist so he can check it out. We run to Sams to get a new tire. Its gonna be an hour. Go to my inlaws in the meantime b/c thats where Bryce has been this whole time. Sams calls, its time to pick up the car. Get home at 8pm. Oh yeah, and I have a cavity.

Wed: Bryce woke up with goop in his eye. Didn't think a thing of it, he's woken up with goop plenty of times. Well by 10am they were coming to get me bc his eye was like a puddle of green puss. Call the dr. Can't get in until 2:20. Leave work early to take Bryce to the dr. By the time we got there, his fever was 102 and it turned out he had a double ear infection. Leave the dr, go to walgreens to get the prescription. Get home, realize I have the old childrens tylenol they pulled off the market. Call my mom to go buy me new tylenol.

Thurs: Stay home with Bryce. I loved spending all day with him. He was even feeling well enough that we went to see LaLa at work.

Friday: After work, went with the whole family to Cock of the Walk for my cousin Haydens birthday. Bryce did so good, he didn't get fussy till the end. Got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time, it was fun!

Saturday: up at 6:45 (felt so good to sleep that late) took a nap at 9, went to lunch with the in laws and went to the fabric store. Watched the Olympics and caught up on laundry and housework.

Sunday: did nothing. By nothing I mean I cleaned both bathrooms, made the embroidery rings for Bryce's room, washed clothes, folded laundry and watched the Olympics. Funny how that feels like nothing.

Monday: Start majorly stressing at work. Realize Im going on vacation in a week, which I haven't started planning/packing/shopping/organizing for. I also dont have my lesson plans ready for when Im on vacation or have all the supplies gathered. Oh yeah and when I get back, I get like 1 day to move classrooms, decorate, write names on everything and start all over with a whole new group of kids. OVERWHELMED. Oh and I was training someone on top of that.

Tuesday: Stress some more. Went grocery shopping after work and was completely disgusted by the Kroger on Shackelford. I will never shop there again, no matter that it is less than a mile from my apt. There was not one head of lettuce decent enough to eat, the strawberries were molding, and I saw some bacon in the fridge that had turned grey. GROSS

Wednesday: get 4 ulcers in my mouth.

Thurs: 3 of the 4 ulcers have combined into a super ulcer. At this point im downing Tylenol just so I can talk. I also "lost" my wallet. After 35 mins of searching, Shonta found it under another car in the parking lot. It had been run over and my debit card snapped in half. How am I gonna survive without a debit card? Im gonna have to withdraw all the money we have just so I have cash.

I still have to survive Friday and Saturday before Scott gets home. I dont wanna think about what else could happen.

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