Saturday, August 18, 2012

5 months!

I can't believe my baby isn't a newborn anymore!

Weight: If I had to guess...about 15 lbs. Now he is too big and wiggly to put on my baby scale safely.

Length: No idea. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Diaper Size: Size 3

Clothing size: Carters 6 months, Target 3-6 month. And yes, everything in his closet is pretty much those brands.

Milestones: Basically, he just continued with everything from last month. Just within days of turning 5 months old, he started doing all sorts of new things!

Im sitting, and Im not happy about it!
 1) He now can sit propped by his own hands! He hasn't mastered this yet and is real unsteady and falls sideways very easily.

2) He also started "reaching" for people. He pretty much used to be unresponsive if you held out your hands and said "Want to come to momma?" Now he leans towards you and kinda lifts his arms and his face lights up. He will go to anyone!

3) He reaches for all food and drink! He gets MAD if he sees a Sonic cup and I take it away from him. He tries to drink out of the straw! He also tries to grab food off my plate and out of my hands. Basically, he is ready for food. I could give it to him now if I wanted, but I guess I just want the go ahead from the Dr.

4) He is trying to crawl! He used to do nothing but cry when I put him on his tummy, but now he is strong enough to hold his head and shoulders up for long periods of time. He will pull his knees up by his sides and kick really hard. When he tries to reach the toy in front of him, he usually gets mad because he only scoots a centimeter.

New nick-name: Mr. Chubbers! Finally getting some fat rolls on this boy!

Firsts: First road trip, first time at the beach, first family vacation, first ear infection, and first fever.

Tastes: Licked corn on the cob, squash, and a tortilla chip. He wasn't about to give up the corn or the chip! His face when he licked the squash was hilarious! That was negative. Wont be buying any squash baby food any time soon!

Mommy's favorite moments: Gosh this is so hard to choose. I have to say, watching him try to eat food off my plate and drink out of my cup is pretty darn funny! Today I went to pick him up from Grandma Burrup's and he totally didn't see me. All he saw was my Chick Fil A cup and was about to do a somersault to get to it. His eyes twinkled and he squealed with delight when he saw it. Its so funny and cute!

At the beach in PJ's!
Mommy, I just wanna go to sleep!

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