Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 Months!

So just where did the time go? Where is my tiny little baby?

Weight: 14 lbs 4 oz

Length: 25 inches

Milestones: Rolls over from back to tummy, tries to sit up from a laying down position (looks like he is doing some crunches), can sit with support, giggles, "talks", "watches" people, pulls hair, puts everything in his mouth, holds on to toys (finally! I was starting to get worried), plays with his feet. Oh yeah, and drools. A lot. Good grief thats a lot of things he has started this past month!

Firsts: First 4th of July, first time swimming, first taste of dr pepper (mother of the year right here, I dipped his paci in my drink. He had no reaction. No old enough yet to appreciate a good thing yet I suppose). I also let him lick french fry.

Mommy's favorite moments: I love changing his diaper! He plays with me while I work. He just smiles so big at me and then kicks the changing pad real hard,.Then he gets real still and quiet and he watches my face for a reacton. When I smile at him and laugh, he laughs right back, and then he kicks again. It's definatetly a game to him.

I imagine he will have a similar reaction when we hand him the keys to his car

Watching his hands and feet
Hey whats this down here?
I think I'll put it in my mouth...
num num num

like a faucet
hey dad, what are doing up there?
Looking like Dwight Howard, my dad, not the NBA player
So excited! Over what, Im not sure.

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