Thursday, August 16, 2012

So I feel like its been a year since I updated. Prolly because a lot has happened! I don't even know where to start!

For starters I finished another Pinterest project for Bryce's room.

I bought the embroidery hoops at hobby lobby (all 6 for less than $5)
I already had the fabric scraps from his crib bedding so I just found some pieces that where the right size and clamped them in. Pinterest said to glue it down but I didn't find this step necessary. I just used my handy dandy rotary cutter to cut off the excess fabric and DONE!

looks real tiny on the wall. I got some plans to fix that!

Scott came home from California! It wasn't near as stressful this time and didn't feel like it was really that long at all. I guess I'm just getting used to being on my own.

The day Scott got home, I was not feeling great. I ran a fever that night and decided I would go to the Dr in the morning. WHAT A WASTE OF A SICK DAY THAT WAS. Long story, but basically I just offhandedly mentioned that one of my symptoms was "pain behind the eye" and the Dr immediately said she was sending me to the opthamologist before she even examined me. I was not impressed. I will not be seeing her again. I spent 3 hours at the eye Dr getting all sorts of pointless testing done and my eyes were completely healthy. I really hate the eye Dr. I would rather have 100 pap smears before going to the eye Dr. I should have just gone home and went to bed.

Then, my symptoms got worse. The sinus drainage started, my throat hurt so bad it hurt to swallow and talk, and my head pounded. I was downing Tylenol like it was candy. I kept a low grade fever all week. Then Scott got the same thing. And then Bryce got it too. Then the coughing up all sorts of ungodly mucus started.

Then we went on Vacation! (I will have to make a separate post about this)

And Bryce turned 5 months old! (again, separate post)

Then, the night before I went back to work, BAM! Hurts like hell to pee! I seriously could have screamed. I just can't get a break! But I have medicine now so Ill survive.

Now I just have to survive the next 7 days and maybe I'll feel like I can breath again. Totally stressed to the max at work. (again, probably have to make a whole other post about this too)

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