Sunday, July 15, 2012

What we've been up to!

Here is a little of what we've been up to!

So we got to go to Dylan's party! She turned 19! When asked who all she wanted to invite to her birthday party she said "baby Bryce"!

She wasn't excited at all to hold him! She even "gouchy gouchy gooed" him! It was so cute.

The other person on her invite list? Sonic the Hedgehog! He came all the way from China to visit her!

Bryce didnt really know what to think of Sonic

We also took Bryce to the nursing home to finally meet his Great Grandpa. Grandpa had seen him at Easter for like 3 mins, but he didn't get to hold him. His face lit up when he saw Bryce and was eager to hold him. Grandma wouldnt stop kissing him!

Grandpa held him and started singing to him just like I remember him singing to Cody when he was a baby. It has no tune or no words, kinda sounds like an Indain chant.

 Grandpa didn't even know who we were, but he really did enjoy holding Bryce and talking to him.

Then Grandma stole him

I love this one. They were talking to each other.

So Bryce has a major crush on his glow worm! He stares into those deep blue eyes and hold her close.

Cuddling! If he is having a melt down, we just turn the glow worm on and he is in a trance. As soon as the music stops and her face turns off, the screaming starts again.

Skinny baby! I bought those shorts at Old Navy. They are sized 3-6 months. When I stood him up, they slid right down his legs!  He has no belly or thunder thighs to hold them up! 

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