Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ups and downs

This past week had a lot of ups and downs.

Some of the ups: Bryce discovered his feet!
He loves to just lay on the floor and reach for them and try to get them in his mouth. Hours of entertainment
He also learned how to roll over from back to tummy! He has only done it twice, and I've only seen it once. I put him on his back and walked into the kitchen and came back and he was on his tummy watching TV! Then he did it again a minute later. He tried so hard to show daddy when he got home, but he hasn't done it since.

Some of the downs:
Bryce has been extra fussy this week. He doesn't sleep much at school and when he gets home he has these horrible melt downs that last anywhere from 30 min's to 2 hours. I know most of the problem is he is sleepy but I'm starting to wonder if he isn't getting enough milk. I'm really wanting to breast feed until he is 6 months old but I just don't think my supply can keep up with him.

Also, one of my dearest friends, Natalie, had her baby last Monday night. Little baby Ethan showed up 4 weeks early which surprised us all! If my boss is reading this, I was not on my phone on Tuesday morning when I got word that Ethan had been airlifted in the middle of the night to Children's Hospital and was going to have surgery. It was also evident that Ethan had Downs Syndrome. All of sudden, all of my problems and stresses seemed so insignificant. I was a crying mess at work, I was having a hard time holding it together just to make it through circle time. All the emotions of having Bryce are so fresh on my heart, that I couldn't even fathom what Natalie was going through. She was in a hospital 30 miles away, unable to hold her baby. My heart was literally aching. At lunch, I went into the baby room and picked up Bryce. I just held him and thanked God for all the infinite blessings I have and apologized for taking them all for granted. While I know Natalie and Ryan are heartbroken that Ethan can't come home yet, it has been such a blessing to see all the love and support little Ethan already has in his life. He is one loved little boy! Natalie and Ryan have had such an incredible faith that Ethan will recover and come home and live life to its fullest that I am proud to be their friends!

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