Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mothers Day

Let me rewind a bit! May was crazy busy for us!

For Mother's Day  this year we kept it pretty low key. All my mom wanted for Mother's Day was for us to come to church with her so we woke up and got ready for church that morning and headed to church with my Mom, Dad, and Cody. After church we went to 5 Guys (not glamorous but the only place that didn't have a wait). It actually was really great because the weather was awesome that day and we sat out on the patio. We chilled and hug out with my family for most of the afternoon and then head over to Scott's parent's house for dinner. Sally made her delicious Mexican food! Scott and Bryce got me a tiered server. I had pointed it out at Target, but I was still surprised Scott went back and got it. I didn't have to cook or clean all day and I mostly sat around with my feet propped up so I think it was a win!
On the patio at 5 Guys. Thanks to Scott for impregnating me with this little guy! He looks like a perfect mash up of the both of us! I love being Bryce's Mommy!

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