Saturday, June 1, 2013

My birthday!

So I've never been excited over the fact that my birthday falls around and sometimes on Mother's Day. But, now that I am a mother, it's a double win! It kind of turns into a weeklong celebration where I get spoiled!

Sunday we did our Mother's Day celebrating.

Monday, Sally and Roger watched Bryce so Scott and I could go to a Traveler's game that we had gotten free tickets to. I haven't been to a Traveler's game in so long! It was perfect weather too! One of the first Traveler's games I've been to that I wasn't dying of a heat stroke and sitting in a puddle of sweat. Scott and I went downtown and ate dinner at the Flying Fish. We rarely eat out these days, much less alone, so it was a real treat! Then we headed to the game. We sat across the isle from a family that looked just like us; young parents with a 2 year old boy. I watched them wrestle with him and chase him around all night. After watching him topple down 6 concrete steps I was feeling really good about my decision to leave Bryce with Grandma. We didn't stay till the end of the game since my bedtime is 9pm. It was good for Scott and I to spend some real time together. We rarely see each other from day to day so it almost felt like it did when we were dating again!

Tuesday was my birthday. As I was pulling into work, I see my mom pulling out of the parking lot. What was she doing there? Hmm... she is up to something! She left some beautiful roses in my classroom to surprise me! My kiddos and coworkers made me feel so special all day long. At lunch Scott surprised me by bringing me my favorite Mexican food from La Casa Real! He even stayed and ate with me. He then really surprised me with my birthday gift! I've seen these necklaces shaped like the state you live in. I've seen them sold in boutiques and on Etsy. In my knowledge, I had never once told him that I liked them or even that I wanted one, but he really pulled out all the stops and got me one! He said he just "knew" I wanted one. I'm still surprised. After work, I went and got a pedicure. I LOVE pedicures! I could sit and soak my feet all day! Then we went to Bravo's with Scotts parents. We then shopped around and Sally bought me a bunch of stuff.

On Friday I had some of my most dearest friends over for a night of food and crafting! It was kind of funny since some of our crafts didn't turn out the way we thought! Buy that wasn't the point anyways. I really enjoyed having everyone over and spending time with them!

Kami working on her yarn covered letter. You can see Melissa's river rock covered placemat and Shonta's canvases she painted for me.
Melissa with all the delicious food!

I made a measuring stick to chart Bryce's growth (and future children as well). My parents have kept the door frame of the dinning room with mine and Cody's measurements. I know we have more moves ahead of us and wanted a way to keep the measurements no matter where we move.

Natalie's balloon wreath. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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