Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Things that have made my 14 month old have a tantrum

I'm not talking whining and fussing. I'm talking screaming, crying, throwing oneself on the ground, flailing, rolling, scratching, the whole bit.

Here's the list from the past week:

Because I wouldn't let him pile drive me

Because I wouldn't let him fall backwards off the bed

Because I turned on the shower

Because the pears were all gone

Because the pie was all gone

Because I made him get in his car seat

Because I wouldn't let him put his finger in the electrical socket

Because the Wendy's French fry was too crispy and he couldn't bite it

Because he was drinking apple juice and we were drinking Dr. Pepper

Because I wouldn't let him climb over the 12th story balcony rail

Because the bubbles would blow away before he could reach them

Because daddy walked out of the room

Because I made him put on his pajamas

Because I made him lay down to change his diaper

Because I wanted to clip his fingernails

Because the ball wouldn't bounce

Because he couldn't turn the doorknob

Because I wouldn't let him pour his juice all over the ottoman

Because I wouldn't let him play in the bathroom at the dr.'s office

Because I wouldn't let him scroll through my camera roll for hours on end

Because I wasn't getting out of the car fast enough

Because I wouldn't let him play with grandpa's weed eater.

Because I wasn't swinging him fast enough

That's all I could come up with from recent history.

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