Friday, June 21, 2013

The vacation from Hell (at least part of it)

So this year we found out we were going to the beach again with my family just a few weeks before we went. Its been  awhile since I've been in May, and I must say, it was amazing! The beach that is. The rest of it, well, I could have left that for someone else.

I don't really want to call it the vacation from hell because there were a lot of good moments that saved the trip from being  total loss.

1) Bryce gets sick before we even leave. He continues to run a fever but we leave anyways.

2) In the car on the way, he breaks out in a rash

3) change a poopy diaper on the bathroom floor of a place in Mississippi. Scott leaves behind the changing pad

4) Take a wrong turn in a corn field. Add 30 mins onto trip.

5) Spend the night in Mobile. Stop at the Flea Market on Sunday. Buy a stroller at the Flea Market since we didn't bring our big ass stroller that takes up the whole trunk of the car. Fail to buckle Bryce into new umbrella stroller and he face plants on concrete and leaves a blood trail at the Flea Market. Notice tooth feels a little loose when I wiggle it.

6) Realize we left behind the pack and play. Now Bryce has no where to sleep for the rest of the week

7) Arrive at Beach.

8) Spend the worse night since the day Bryce was born going to Walmart to buy itch cream for his rash and then watching him run in circles around the condo partying like its his high school prom. He gave in about 5am.

9) Fever finally breaks.

10) Scott gets sunburned. Spends the next 3 days sleeping and reading inside.

11) Bryce face plants again. This time on tile. Murder scene amounts of blood all over the place. Tooth is now chipped and is noticeably shorter (pushed up into his gum)

12) Notice while inspecting his mouth that his molars are so swollen it looks like he had grapes under his gums.

13) Agonize over trying to decide what to do about Bryce's tooth. Do I wait until we get back? Do I pay out of pocket to take him the dentist in Ft. Walton? Cry and cry. Same thing happened to me and my teeth turned brown and I was always made fun of as a child. Feel like the worst mother ever.

14) Wake up at 6am everyday because the Holiday Inn was being demoed by a wrecking ball at sunrise all week.

13) Then things started to look up. The water cleared up and waves died down and it was the most beautiful I think I've ever seen the beach. Im so happy we ended on a positive.

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