Thursday, May 29, 2014

Red, white, and blue

So I'm a little late for Memorial Day but I plan on leaving these up all summer. I love red, white, and blue! 

My new motto is simple is better. I cut some stars out of scrapbook paper I had in my crafting arsenal. I didn't cut any blue stars bc I didn't have any blue paper but it worked out because I think the blue shutters incorporate it so well. I already had the red lantern on a bookshelf and the white pitcher I use for everything. I picked up some flags for a dollar at target. I actually taped dowel rods to the flags to make them taller. I stuffed some Target sacks down in the pitcher to stabilize the flags where I wanted them.  Bam and done! The whole thing cost $1! I really withheld the urge to buy some really fab red white and blue pinwheels while I was at Target, but I told myself it didn't need to over the top, just simply stated.

This was a Goodwill find. I've been waiting for months to bust it out! It looks handmade and vintage and that's why I love it more! It was $3. I hot glued some twine to the back to make a loop to hang it on.  I need to stick some sticky tack on the back so it won't bang so much when you open and close the door. 

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