Tuesday, January 7, 2014

first hair cut

When I was pregnant, I had a very vivid dream that I gave birth to a curly haired little boy. Well, I did have a little boy, but he didn't have much hair and it definitely wasn't curly. Not that it mattered because all of it fell out with cradle cap and never grew back.
This is the best picture I could find to show the craziness
that was his hair before the haircut. And that is chocolate
all over his face.
Fast forward 1 year. My bald headed baby started growing hair!

Fast forward 6 months. My baby has long flowing locks of curly hair! Oh the precious curls! I was in love! They just curled up in the back like he slept in some perm rods. I never wanted to cut them off. EVER.

Well he was starting to get called a girl by complete strangers even though he was clearly dressed in all boy clothing. My only explanation for this had to be the fact that his hair was hippy long. I definitely didn't want my kid to be that kid. So I new a hair cut was in our immediate future.

I took him to Pig Tails and Crew Cuts here in Little Rock because they really cater to small children and specialize in children's hair cuts.

When we showed up the place was packed. There was 3 boys getting their hair cut and all 3 of them were screaming like Freddy Kruger was the one cutting their hair. Bryce just stared. I don't think he too much minded the screaming, he was too focused on getting in one of the cool cars. When it was finally his turn he did so great! He wasn't scared at all! He sat very still and was very cooperative. He was not a fan of the electric clippers she used on his sideburns, but even then he did very good considering.

I told her to the leave it long and I wanted to keep the curls in the back. She told me he would still look like a baby and not a big boy. I said I don't care, I'm fine with him looking like a baby (because he still is a baby) I just want it trimmed and shaped up a bit. She asked me more questions like if I wanted it completely off his ears and if I wanted the bangs straight across and before I knew it, she had chopped off his curls in the back!!!! I was so mad! I didn't stay too mad too long though, its just hair and will grow back. She gave me a lock of curls in a baggie. He did look completely different! He really did look like a big boy with his hair cut!

People have asked me if I liked going there. I really don't think I'll be going back. They were so busy and I really felt like we were rushed. The whole haircut from start to finish probably took 5 mins. And obviously there was a miscommunication at some point about whether the curls in the back should be cut or not. And it was kinda pricey for a kids cut. So if you know of any awesome places that do kids cuts for an affordable price, let me know!




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