Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Christmas was super exciting for me this year. Mostly because Bryce is old enough to get excited about opening presents and all the pretty decorations and lights. Some of my favorite memories from Christmastime this year include watching Bryce play with our nativity scene and hiding baby Jesus all over the house, him putting ornaments on the tree by shoving them up into the limbs until he perfectly balanced it and it stayed put, and his fascination with "Ho-Ho".

Christmas morning was special because we spent it at home just the 3 of us. I videoed Bryce running into the living room. He ran straight for his bike. He tried to push himself around the living room on it. He is not a fan of using the pedals yet, but he will get there. He loved opening all his presents and he was perfectly content with playing with each toy for 20 mins until we would get impatient and convince him he needed to open another.

After we opened all our presents we headed over to Scott's parents house for more Christmas. We did Christmas with my family the next day, but I forgot to take pictures! He was so incredibly excited about opening presents at my parents. He had the routine down. He opened a pair of house shoes and screamed "socks! momma socks! socks! a socks!" Like someone gave him a winning lottery ticket.

He sat right here for like 30 mins. He was putting the animals from his nativity set into the top part of the truck, but 3 wouldn't fit and 2 was too loose. He sat there and tried and tried and tried to make 3 animals fit. He kept taking them out, rearranging, and moving them around. I am constantly surprised by his problem solving skills.

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