Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poor poor baby

So we have been to the Dr. 3 times in the last 7 days. Poor Bryce he's had a rough week!

First it started with green poop. His poop went from mustard yellow to green over night and has been since. I thought this was unusual for him. Then I heard things like it could be the Rotavirus. So I called the Dr. They assured me green poop was normal for a breast fed baby.

The next day Bryce wakes up with his eyes all full of goop. I didn't think anything of it, just cleaned it out and sent him to school. They said they were constantly cleaning out his eyes all day. So I call the Dr. We brought him in and turns out he had an infection of the tear duct. Completely normal for babies. We got this lovely tube of ointment to squirt IN his lower eye lid. That was NIGHTMARE. I dont think any of it ever made in into his eye, just sat on his eye lids. On the bright side, I got to stay home with him for a day since it is contagious.

My skinny 2 month old!
Then to my horror I find bright red in his diaper the morning I stayed home with him. I called my mom crying before I called the Dr. She calmed me down. Said I couldn't call the Dr. for every little thing and to wait to see if his next diaper had what we assumed was blood in it. Well later that afternoon there was a brownish red "mucus" in his diaper. I was terrified. I called the Dr and we rushed right in at 6 o clock. I brought in the diaper in question and they ran a lab test to test for blood. Well it came back negative for blood. So no answer for what that could have been. Bryce was perfectly healthy by all standards: alert, smiling, no fever, wasn't in pain, etc. The Dr. sent us home with a lovely stool sample collection kit so we could test for salmonella and all sorts of other horrible things, although she was sure these would come back negative.

Today we went in for our 2 month check up and get his shots. He is 23 1/2 inches long and weighs 10lbs 10oz. He is in the 75 percentile for height and the 25 percentile for weight. I've been really worried over how skinny he is. I mean, I can see his ribs. When was the last time you saw a baby that you could see their ribs? I see other babies that are his same age and they have rolls of fat on them. The Dr. said she thought he was a "little thin". She said we should start supplementing 1 oz of formula and mix it with my breast milk.  Then it was time to get his shots... I was traumatized! I held his little hands while they stabbed both legs simultaneously with needles. He silent screamed for about 5 seconds and then he screamed a scream I've never heard him make. I didn't even know he could cry like that. I swooped him up and I was a blubbering mess. His face was so pitiful. :(
 I felt like I was leading a lamb to the slaughter. He had no idea what was coming
He was kicking and smiling. I still haven't caught his smile on camera!
So off we were to school straight from the Dr. He had such a horrible day at school. I ended up clocking out for about 30 mins just so I could hold him and calm him down. He was fussing and crying like I've never seen him do. It was really more like screaming. He was just inconsolable. He had a fever from the shots (I gave him some Tylenol) and he had horrible gas and tummy ache from the formula. Apparently the first time you give a baby formula it upsets their tummy. Just more reason to keep breastfeeding. I felt so bad for him, like I had failed him. My body is supposed to give him what he needs and it isn't.

I pray the coming week is better for the little guy!

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