Monday, December 5, 2011

24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Man, I feel like my belly is really getting out there! I know the next few weeks are gonna fly by with the holidays coming up and before I know it, it will be January and he will be soon be his way. I've been kinda stressed about getting the nursery ready. We are still in the process of getting the second bedroom cleaned out and organized. There will be a great shifting of furnature so I can have my dream nursery. I can't wait for it to come together!

I just bought some maternity jeans at Old Navy tonight so I can' have something to wear to work. All my scrubs (that i bought at 13 weeks) are gettin too tight. I dont have any new pregnancy symptoms this week. Still have the heartburn, swelling feet and hands, and trouble sleeping.

I saw the Dr last week and everything looks good! Blood pressure good, weight gain good, and baby boys heartbeat good. At 10 weeks I remember the Dr pushing and rolling the thing around on my belly to find the heartbeat and it was so faint sounding. This time, I could hear the his heart loud and strong as soon as the dopler touched my skin.

Probably the most exciting that that has happened since my last update is that I can now SEE his kicks. I watched my belly jump all through church. Looks kinda like I have popcorn popping in my belly.

Not much else has been going on outside of the normal humdrum of life with the exception that Im almost finished with my first quilting project. I still need to put on the inner border, outer border, binding, and backing. Too bad its pink! Oh well, maybe one day I'll have a little girl to give it some use.


  1. I love that you blog and I can keep up with you and baby, have you guys thought of names yet?