Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Farm

I LOVE SPRING! Its the type of weather and scenery that makes you feel alive. I just want to run and jump and frolic and sing. Unfortunatly, we havn't seen too much spring just yet. So when I saw the forcast was going to be in the 60s this weekend I KNEW I had to put housework aside and do something outdoors. Then my parents mentioned they were going to take a day trip up the farm and I jumped at the chance to go.

The Farm has been a part of my life as long as I've been around. Its not really a farm at all, but it once was. Its land that has been in the family for probably over century. This is the land that my Grandmother was born on. She was raised in the 3-room homestead. She picked cotton in these fields in the depression. She went to school in the one room school house that was once there on the corner acre. My Grandfather went to school there too. My Grandparents lived there for the majority of life. I have many memmories of entire summers spent there; running barefoot through the grass and walking all over the hollers and hills. I've spent many hot July afternoons waist deep in Big Creek, many slow sunny mornings in a hammock, many nights shooting fireworks, many walks, hikes, 4wheeler rides, hunting adventures, fishing, camping, and front porch swinging. I could go on an on.

I've always dreamed of taking my kids there. Unfortuntatly, I havn't spent as much time there in recent years as I'd like. We've moved 4 times in 5 years and Scott works every weekend so there hasn't been much time to go. We left daddy behind and went anyways. Bryce absolutly LOVED it! I've never seen him so happy! It was like a little boys paradise!

When we got out of the car he just ran and ran and ran. I dont think Bryce has ever been in such open space before. He was busy checking out every rock and tree and flower. He wasn't scared to get on the four wheeler though! I was nervous about letting him ride, but we never took it out of 1st gear. He loved the 4 wheeler ride through the woods! I would rev the engine and he would say "Go momma!"

We rode down the spring and spent some time there just sitting and enjoying the view. Bryce of course wanted to play in the water and almost fell in a few times. He helped Papa move rocks.

Then we rode down through The Bottom to the Creek. I've never seen the Creek so full before! The water was really rolling. Bryce was so good staying away from the edge of the water. He just walked along the sand bank picking up rocks and throwing them in. He drove his toy car through the sand. We hung out on the banks of the creek for a long time just watching him play and enjoying himself. He fussed when it was time to leave.

We rode back to the house, ate some dinner, cleaned up, and then headed back home. Bryce was so worn out, he was asleep before we got to Cave City.

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