Saturday, March 22, 2014

2 years old!

So my baby has turned 2! 

I haven't done a milestone post in awhile.   I guess bc he learns something new everyday so it's too hard to keep up with. Here are some if my favs! 

Like most 2 year olds, everything is "mine". Heaven forbid you try to carry his jacket for him, he wants to carry it. "MY jacket momma!" He reminds me that anything that belongs to mom and dad is also his. My toothbrush, hairbrush, pillow, my spot on the couch, anything I'm eating or drinking- all his. We argue a lot!

Again, like most 2 year olds he wants to be so independent. Most mornings he will start screaming at me when it's time to put on shoes and socks bc he wants to put them on. "I do it" is his mantra. 

He loves to clean up! Just start singing that cleanup song and starts putting his toys away!

He loves to help me do laundry! I hand him clothes and he tosses them in for me. He loves to hold the "heavy" wet clothes and throw them in the dryer. He meticulously pushes the edges of the clothes into the dryer so the door will shut. He slows me down, but I love my little chore buddy. 

He poops in the potty inconsistently. He goes through spurts were he doesn't want to have anything to do with the potty and others where he's really into it. 

His favorite foods right now are cheese cubes, yogurt, grapes, donuts, pizza, Mac and cheese. In that order. At least the first 3 are healthy right? You know you have a problem when you drive past Little Caesars and your kid starts screaming "pizza!"

His language development has grown by about 9 months in the past 3. At Christmas his vocabulary consisted of about 20 single words and no phrases. 
We were just happy he was finally repeating words. The week and half we were at home for Christmas break its like he magically started talking. Then after he got tubes the first week in January, all of the words sounded much clearer and new sounds were emerging all the time. If I had to guess, I'd say his vocabulary probably is around 100 words or more now! He has many 3 word phrases he uses consistently. I feel like I can finally breath a sigh if relief! He's been behind in the language department since day one. He does have a lisp and is a tongue thruster so I guess we will see if he outgrows that or if we need speech therapy. I wouldn't be surprised, I was in speech as a kid for the exact same thing. 

I think the thing I enjoy most about his new language skills is he can actually tell me things now! He used to stand at the fridge and scream when he was hungry. Now he comes to me and says "snack momma?" When I ask him what he wants he can tell me "applesauce" or "yogurt" instead of me guessing what he wanted, which was usually wrong, followed by more screaming. 

Here are some of my favorite things he says: 

Where did it =where is it?

I get it!

Quick! No do dat!= Quit! no do that!


I coming

 Ok mommy- he says this with the thickest southern accent it makes me so happy. His "ok" has like 3 syllables!

Zeus = horse (he can say it correctly with prompting)

Dih-naw= donkey (I think he is combining heehaw with donkey)

He-cop-dee= helicopter  



Counts  one, dos, four, five, gicks, tebin, eight, nine, ten! He leaves out numbers all the time. Last night he counted my toes "one, five, three, five!" And the "dos" for two cracks me up every time! 

Can name all the characters from Mickey Mouse clubhouse: Micky, Goopy, Minnie, pootoe, Donna duck, daisy.   

Overall, he has grown and developed so much I've the past year! 
Love this kid boogers and all!

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