Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 Months going on 1 year

So Bryce turned 3 months old last week. He thinks he is a toddler, no lie. He wants to sit up ALL the time. No more holding him like a baby. If you lay him down he lifts head like he thinks he can just sit right up on his own.  He likes to stand up and push with his legs. He can actually can push himself up before he gets too tired. He laughs and talks to us. He fights going to sleep, but rocking is no match for his tired rolling eyes. He almost sleeps through the night, waking up once between 2-3am. All of these things are probably typical stuff but I think he is just a stud!

Height/weight: 25 inches long! 13 lbs 5 oz (with a wet diaper on so prolly more like 13)

Diaper size: Size 2. They are getting small quick!

Clothing size: 3/6 months

Firsts: First road trip to the Farm, first ride in a elevator, first time pooping in the carseat, first time watching the Razorbacks on TV, first time doing a 180 in his crib, first cookout.

I really need to upload some of my baby pictures because he looks JUST like me here

I LOVE his grey/blue eyes! I hope they dont turn brown.

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