Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Door DIY

So one of my favorite blogs is Shanty-2-Chic. If you havnt seen them on Pinterest, then you prob don't have a Pinterest account! 
I wanted to make something similar to this. And I wanted the hang them in either side of my window above my couch. 

Ofcourse I don't have power tools. I'm no where near the creative genius that the people at Shanty 2 Chic are. So I tried to come up with a similar project that was much less invasive.

Somewhere, very doubtfully in my own mind, I came up with this idea to use a kitchen cabinet door as my "canvas". I thought a cabinet door would be a good idea because the wood is already cut to size, finished, and painted. They also can be very decorative and give some character to the piece. My dumb self actually went to Home Depo to buy cabinet doors an then a lightning bolt struck me and I remembered seeing a mound of kitchen cabinet doors at the Habitat For Humanity Store. 

So off we went to the HFH Store. I hit the jackpot! Cabinet doors for $1 each!!! The projects are absolutely endless! So I picked out 2 that I liked and headed home to get started.

First step was to clean the doors. They had things that I would really not like to know on them since they came donated from a house demolition to the HFH Store. Then I unscrewed the hardware and filled the holes with putty. 

Now here is where I went way wrong. I know I should have sanded them before ever trying to paint them since they already had latex paint on them. But I didn't have sandpaper and I was too impatient. I know. I know. Mistake. I'm note sure why I desided to use more laytex paint instead of spray paint? Maybe heat got to me? What happened was 6 coats if laytex paint that did not have very even coverage at all. So that's when I was like I'm just gonna spray paint this and call it a day.
Still looks at hot mess!!!! But I had invested too much excitement to not bring them inside and continue my project! I decided that the lighting inside was much more forgiving and when I hung the sconces on, your eye would be drawn to the sconce not the paint job. At least thats what I told myself! 
I looked around for a couple of weeks before I found the perfect sconces. I found them at Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall in Bryant for $5 for each. They were even gold, which is what color I wanted them! 

So they were kinda a booger to nail to the cabinet door. I just nailed a nail at an angle to the middle of the cabinet. I had to re-nail a couple of times to get the angle just right to secure the sconce perfectly. I dropped and cracked one of the sconces in the process. I was sooooo mad!!!!! Oh well, I'm still hanging this up! 
Then I installed the sawedge picture hanger to the back. Got that at Target  for about $3. 
Then I hung them on the wall! I have since added candles. I plan on putting pumpkins on them for fall and possibly tiny Christmas trees for December. I love that I can change the look throughout the year! 

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