Friday, December 28, 2012

9 Months

Height/ Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz 29 inches long

Clothing size: Busting out of everything we own! Practically skipped right over size 9 months and into 12 months. Except the pants of course. Still could wear a size 6 month pant as capris or shorts.I actually got depressed because our Target keeps 12 month sized stuff with the 2T stuff. I no longer shop in the cute little "baby" section. :(

Diaper size: finally gave in and bumped him up to size 4. He was leaking out of every diaper.

Firsts: First Thanksgiving, first time eating mashed potatoes and green beans, first flu shot, first time meeting Santa, first time terrorizing the Christmas tree, and first time moving to a new school.

I wanna hold it!
Ok so you put it back up there, Im still gonna get it mommy!
Hey! Give that back!

Mommy is so mean!She took it away!
Now Im mad!
Im not giving up! I'll show her!


Milestones: I don't even know where to start with this one. On my last post I talked about how I was concerned with his development. Well its like he aged 4 months in a couple of weeks and I don't think I have to worry (at least for now). He still doesn't "crawl" but he can get around really fast with his army crawl. He can get up on his knees, pull him self up on to most anything, and stand up. At first he was really wobbly and fell a lot! He even got a huge knot on his forehead from falling head first into the TV stand. Within 2 weeks, he was so much more sturdier and started taking steps along the furniture. He then STUNNED me when he was standing up against the ottoman when he bent his knees, reached down with one hand, picked up a toy, and then stood back up! Just where did he learn that? Slow down little mister! Then this week, he has learned how to sit himself back down on the floor softly instead of falling. Up and down, up and down, that's all he does all day long! He has a "push" toy that he hasn't been able to use up till now. He stands behind it, holds on with both hands, and pushes it as he takes steps to keep up with it. He will also take steps to walk when he holds onto my fingers. He lets me know when he wants to walk somewhere instead of crawl when he pulls himself up on my pant legs and reaches for my fingers. And as for his talking...Oh boy! He talks up a storm now! He has said "mama" "dada" bye bye" "hi" and I swear one night he said "I love you". It sounded like "I oh eww". Probably a string of random sounds but I like to think he told me he loved me! He doesn't say these things consistently or with any meaning, but I'm just glad he is making sounds and babbling.

Mommy's Favorite Moments: Its so hard to choose since I've enjoyed watching all the development he has been doing this month.One of the sweetest moments has been watching him play with his Glow Worm. He stares at it for awhile and then pulls it up to his face and kisses it! I've even seen him hold it and treat it like a real baby. I thought maybe it was just me making something out of nothing, but his teacher at school told me he kisses the Glow Worm at school and even laid it in the bouncer and played and talked to it! Aww! Maybe he wants a baby sister? No, I think I've hit the baby jackpot for now! :)

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