Sunday, November 18, 2012

8 Months!

Height/Weight: 18 lbs 9 oz  plus some. No clue on the height
Clothing size: Size 9 months on most things. Pants size 6 months.

Firsts: First time feeding himself (puffs)! First weekend away from Mom and Dad! First Halloween! First time (and hopefully the last) almost drowning in the bathtub. This child refuses to sit up in the tub. He wants to lay on his belly and crawl around in the water. Which would be fine if he didn't want to put his face down in the water and play "bobbing for bath toys". I know, my baby is a weirdy.

Milestones: Ok so this section kinda gets me depressed. Most babies are crawling by 6 months. Bryce just started army crawling a couple of weeks ago. He can get up on all 4s, but falls before he can move anywhere. He isn't really pulling up much because it's really hard to pull up on things when you are on your belly. I know, a lot of babies never crawl and go straight to walking. Which is fine I guess, it just worries me. I've been overly worried about his babbling for awhile now.Most babies are saying consonants by 6 months.  He's been saying "ah" for a long time, but I never thought any consonants where gonna come. He finally started saying "ba-ba" just 2 weeks ago. I've heard "dada" and "momma" just a couple of times. He can't mimic any sounds yet either. Its really hard to not compare him to other babies his age. When I do, I get really worried and feel like I'm a bad mother. Like I should read to him more, or play with him more. I know Bryce is behind most babies his age and I'm having a hard time dealing with it and not letting worry and guilt overtake me. On a positive note, he can now bang 2 objects together. He can also pick up food with a pincher grasp and feed himself. He is still a little clumsy with feeding himself. He hasn't figured out how to let go of the food once it is in his mouth, but he can mash with his gums like a champ!

Mommy's Favorite Moments: I love watching him take notice of things. One morning I was getting him out of the car and a crow was cawing up in the tree above the car. He was turning all around to try to find it. Another time I was taking him out of the car you could here an airplane way off in the distance and he was looking up in the sky trying to figure out where that was coming from. He also knows what the dinner bell sounds like! If he is in the living room romping and playing and Dad is in the kitchen shaking up his bottle, Bryce will freeze and stare into the kitchen and start grunting for his bottle! Its like he has super power hearing or something.


  1. He is insanely adorable. And my pediatrician said crawling at 6 months is early, not average! I would say he's right on track! My niece didn't crawl until almost a year and my nephew can't even sit up at 8 months. Totally normal! I wish Sarah wasn't crawling yet... It's exhausting, haha. I wish we could get our babies together!

  2. Katee! Please don't worry about Bryce's development. I know it is hard not to where we work.. but he is so strong! He can roll over forcefully and much better than Hadley (who is almost 11 months!). He can move around like a pro to get where he wants, and that is where most of the motivation to crawl or walk comes from. He is so alert and aware that I wouldn't worry at all! Hadley just learned her igor crawl/scoot about a month ago. Lots of his other skills are advanced- and I'm sure you just worry because he is your first! You are a great mommy and Bryce is adorable!

  3. Don't worry. Babies are all different. When he's ready, he'll do it. Don't compare him to anyone unless the doctor says something. Even then, you need to be careful. I have 3 girls and they all developed differently and had different personalities.