Sunday, October 21, 2012

7 months

Height: 27 inches and then some

Weight: 18 lbs 9 oz.

Eye color: People keep saying his eyes have turned green! Its not the traditional green eye look though. Its like a green/blue/greyish color. I personally think they are beautiful. :)

Diaper size: Size 3 (barely)

Clothing size: He has grown a lot this month. He jumped to a size 9 in most brands. He can finally fill out a size 6 pant so no more capri length 3 month pants.

Changes: more hair everyday

Milestones: STILL trying to crawl. He has been trying so hard for 2 months now. He puts his head in the carpet and gets up on all 4s and rocks. As soon as he lifts his head, down he goes. I talked to a PT at school and she said that his head is bigger around than his body so until he gains more weight and gets more leverage on his back end, he probably won't crawl. This would explain why when he is on his tummy, his feet are up off the floor in the air- he is using his legs to balance the weight of his big ole 97th percentile head. But just this week he has finally figured out he can army crawl. He still is pretty slow with it and will only do it for a toy he really wants. So no baby proofing just yet. 

The only other milestone to report is he now passes an object from one hand to other and then back again. All day long. I'm not sure why this is so entertaining to him

Firsts: first trip to the ER (constipated related, bless his heart), first trip to the zoo, first trip to the pumpkin patch, first time sitting in the high chair at a restaurant and eating food with everyone else, and first bath in the sink.

Eating: so far we have tried: pears, apples, carrots, peas, green beans, and prunes. He LOVES apples and carrots. Not a fan of the peas. 

Mommy's Favorite Moments: Easy. I love when he talks to his paci and sings to his bottle. He is really good at entertaining himself. He will take his paci out of his mouth, stare at it intently, and then start talking to it as he passes it back and forth between each hand. At his 9 o clock bottle, right before bed, he will drink it down to about 1 oz left, take it out of his mouth and start talking/singing to it. This usually results in a bottle on the floor and a sleeping baby. I also love that when he gets real sleepy he likes to rub his blanky on his eyes and face. He is gonna be one of those kids that can't sleep without his blanky.

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