Wednesday, October 26, 2011

18 Weeks

I'm glad that working full time makes the days fly by. I can't believe I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow!

Ive been feeling the baby move a lot this past week. I can feel it when I'm laying in bed or on the couch and sometimes when I'm sitting still. At first it felt like muscle twitch, then like big marble rolling around. Last Saturday I had the thrill of feeling a fist or a foot push/kick my tummy from the far right and moved to the far left. I always enjoy feeling the baby move, it ensures me that its still alive and doing well.

This coming Tuesday, we will be finding out if our little bean is a boy or a girl. I, of course, am hoping for a girl, but I will be just as thrilled if it is a boy. Scott of course wants a boy. Pretty typical I guess. I'm just as excited to see our baby up on the monitor and be able to see its hands, feet, face, spine, etc. I just mostly want to be reassured that everything is going normal and on track. I guess knowing the sex is just a bonus.

We've been debating baby names. Scott is pretty adamant about keeping the baby's name a secret until the day of the delivery for the purpose of making sure the baby actually looks like the name we pick. I really hate this idea. No one picks out a baby name based on what the baby looks like. Newborns are all squished up and look completely different a month later. I have tried to make him see the logic. I guess I will just have to suck it up and just respect his wishes. So sorry, I guess you will be left in suspense until the baby arrives.

Purely for my own entertainment I have compiled a list of predictions if it is a girl or boy:

1) If you’re carrying in your hips, you’re having a girl. If you’re carrying in your belly, you’re having a boy. = BOY

2) Chinese Gender Chart = GIRL

3) Craving sweets its a girl, crave salty things its a boy = well I crave both?

4) Hair growing faster means boy, hair grows the same means girl = BOY

5) Nails growing faster means boy, nails growing the same means girl = BOY

6) Sleep on left means boy, sleep on right means girl = I roll all over the bed, this one is no help

7) Extreme morning sickness means girl= BOY

8) Dry hands means boy, soft hands means girl = GIRL

9) Clearer skin mans boy, acne means girl =BOY

10) Graceful means girl, clumsy means boy = BOY

11) Weight gain in the face means girl = GIRL

12) If a toddler boy pays attention to your belly then its boy, if a toddler girl pays attention its a boy = BOY

Pretty obvious that I should be having a BOY! We will find out next week!

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